Thursday, October 16, 2008

Magical Moment

My magical moments goes a little something like this:

"The defending World Series champions pulled off the major leagues' biggest postseason comeback in 79 years..."

After a horrible day of watching BYU get killed by TCU and the Rays progressively up the Sox, I was feeling very depressed. I took a long shower and went to check the score to see if it had gotten worse. You know that feeling you get when something amazing happens that changes everything about your day and all of the sudden life just seems a whole light brighter? That was the feeling I got, multiplied by about 50, when I saw the Sox had scored 6 runs. Any thought of getting any homework or work done quickly evaporated from my mind. This is the team I know and love. The last three innings kept me in a state of anxiety-beating heart, sweating palms, hardly breathing--outwardly calm, inwardly feeling a zillion emotions and trying to prepare for the worst but hoping and believing with ever fiber of my body that the Red Sox might, just might, perform another miracle. The bottom of the 9th inning brought me back to '04 when I watched the first comeback game against the Yankees, a feeling only those who watched will ever know. I quite literally was shaking, adrenaline surging through my body, as I ran in to tell my roommates the news. 2,500 miles away and it feels just like home. I do love my Red Sox.


And P.S.-sportscasters and writers, the media in general, should really shut their mouths (to put it tactfully) when it comes to baseball. Don't they know-anything can happen?


Mrs. MadGenius said...

I thought of you after the last game- :( We can always hope the rays are smashed in the series.

Gabe said...

You KNOW it. I was so bummed yesterday. I hope the Phillies win (even though I think the Rays are the more talented team)....I'm SO sad that I won't get to see you when you guys come to NH for Thanksgiving!!!!!!