Friday, December 5, 2008

Public Speaking

Today I had to give an oral presentation on a technical report I wrote for my technical writing class. It was ok, and maybe I am just being way to hard of myself, but am never pleased with my oral presentations. Allow me to explain....
I am terrified of public speaking. Absolutely mortified when I have to do it. I loathe speaking in front of people, especially when I am being graded or judged.
I literally start to hyperventilate as I'm talking. My heart races, my hands get clammy, and my mouth goes dry. Also I start to tremble and my voice shakes. And I talk super fast. I'm a fast talker anyways, but boy when I'm nervous and giving a presentation, I f l y through it. It's not that I am uncomfortable with the information. On the contrary I loved the topic I presented today. It's just I get so nervous.Then after I'm done, all I can think about is how horrible I am and how awful it was. Kind of like right now.

So....what are your suggestions??? What works for you?? HELP!


Jean said...

The only thing that helps me, as far as speaking/singing/performing in front of people, is practice. If I sang solos once a month I would never have a problem.

But that doesn't really help with public speaking, does it? It's not like public speaking opportunities just pop up all the time....

floreta said...

i suck at public speeking myself. i'm kind of a quiet person to begin with and not good in crowds.. so put two in two together..

what helps me is just practice, practice, practice. in front of the mirror helps. i will have my notecards with bullet point topics and practice talking til i practically have the thing memorized. only then will i feel 'prepared' enough to give a speech. even then, i am nervous, but at LEAST i'll know what to say and have gone over it a million times..

ALSO, the ability to let go and NOT overthink/overpractice once in class. don't even think about it until its your turn to get up there. same goes for performing a musical piece in front of an audience. don't overpractice before your set or else you will be more likely to mess up.

anyway, came here via sunday scribbling. good luck.