Sunday, February 15, 2009

sunday scribblings: sports

Um, how about sports? To follow up on last week's "Art" with something very different. Sports: love em? Hate em? Forced to do em as a kid? Serious athlete? Fanatic about watching/playing? Any experiences stand out in your memory?

First I must laugh. This is the post for me! I LOVE SPORTS!!!! Seriously, I love watching, playing, and talking about sports. I wish I had done more sports as a kid. But I didn't, oh well. I am a basketball player however, and it is my favorite sport to both watch and play. Really I could go on for forever about sports but I'll spare you all the torture.
My favorite team of all time has got to be the Red Sox. This topic alone I could go on forever about but I'll attempt to keep it short.
If you are a Red Sox fan--a legit one not one of those band wagoners--you can empathize with me about what being a BoSox fan really is like. It's painful and exciting. It hurts and it makes you soar. There's an unspoken loyalty to the Red Sox that only the true fan understands. Ever seen the movie "Fever Pitch"? Well, that main character is an INSANE fan and I thought it was awesome. I'm not at that level (i.e. I don't have towels, blankets, shower curtains, phones, bed sheets, pillows, and all that Red Sox decorum), but I do love, love, LOVE watching the Sox play. Plus Fenway park is one of the most incredible parks ever. The people, the atmosphere, the smells, the history (Pesky's Pole, the Green Monstah, Sweet Caroline, I could go on..). It's just amazing. Plus, walking by Fenway Park, it gets abosrbed in the neighborhood which I love. It's part of Boston. It's not some insanely huge, sparkling metal structure. It's antique and beautiful. I love everything about it. I took my mom to her first game last summer and it was so fun. Inside the stadium, we're one big family. Truely, it rocks. Pick up a book by David Halberstam. He's an excellent writer and an even better sports writer particularly about the Sox. Just check him out.
I'm also a Celtics fan. I know what you're thinking. Just because they are the champs and are hot right now. WRONG. I've been a fan since '97. Granted it was when I was moving to the east but I was never a huge fan of the Jazz (Bulls allllllll the way! MJ will always be my hero). Anyways, Paul Pierce rocks and Rondo is an up and coming talent. The whole team is amazing. I've not seen the Celtics play before but I'd love to go. Again, it just goes back to rooting for a team through their ups and downs. I love it.
Anyways, I'll stop here because I really could go on for forever. I love sports so very much!


bunnygirl said...

My grandfather was a die-hard Red Sox fan and remembered their 1918 WS win. If it wasn't for the fact I live halfway across the continent from Lexington, I would've decorated his grave in 2004.

Tumblewords: said...

Great post! I'm not there but I sure can appreciate your passion!