Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"I Can Hear the Bells...."

This is me and the basis for my title: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RM2dihOmcfU

I can very easily amuse myself. Mostly, I've just learned to laugh at myself. Good thing too because I probably do it about 10 times a day. It makes for a good life.
My good friends and roommates know that I generally try to find something exciting about my day and then I come home and tell them I have a good story for them. Today was such a day, but this story is legit.
First allow me preface this story (I do like to give the background so you, the reader, can fully appreciate and live the situation yourselves). I love basketball. I also get a real thrill out of seeing the basketball players on campus. Call it star-struck, call it ridiculous, call it sweet, call it whatever you like; I like it. It's fun! I know they are just "students," but actually I also disagree. They are more than just students. Everyone knows who they are including people from around the country. That's pretty dang cool. They are student athletes and some of them have some DANG good talent. My personal favorite: Jimmer Fredette. FIRST off, he's from the east coast and us east coasters gotta stick together. Secondly, he is an incredibly talented basketball player. He's cute too....but that's not the point! Seriously though, he's so fun to watch play basketball.
Ok. To the story already!
I have a bball class in the RB in the afternoons. Since no one was using the adjoining court, we decided to split the class up and play 4-on-4. I was just standing in the middle of the court waiting for everyone to get situated when I see this kid peeking from behind the curtain. Who is this jester??? So I look away and just keep waiting for the teams to even up. Then this kid starts walking through our gym to leave. I look over. OH MY GOSH. It's JIMMER FREDETTE! Yup, my star-struck self kicked it in to high gear. You really don't understand. Half the time I just want to poke these people in the arm and say, "Yup! You're real. COOL!" At this point I'm gawking at him in awe that the Jimmer Fredette is within 25 feet of me. He, ever so discreetly walks looking down at the court. As he is about to exit, he looks up. I'm still staring. On impulse I wave (really I wanted to shout "JIMMER!!!!!," but I decided not too. I'm not that cool. Maybe next time...). WHAT AM I DOING??? He does a double-take. Waves back. Smiles. I smile. He leaves.
I am ecstatic. Thanks for making my day Jimmer! :)


Ruthie K said...

Hazzah! I totally know that feeling!

Jean said...

Oh Gabe. I love the last picture!

That story reminds me of something that I did at a volleyball game a year ago....
I might have to write about that.

A-Kap said...

There's just nothing better than moments like those.... I had a similar "smile. wave. smile. wave back." moment with Paul Wylie (ok...not as cool as a basketball player, but still....) at Logan Airport a looooong time ago. I've never forgotten it!!