Thursday, May 14, 2009

Man, I feel like a woman!

Bust out the Shania Twain!

Today was a fabulous day. It was "Employee Appreciation Day" at the hospital I work at. The kitchen planned a fabulous meal for lunch and dinner so the kitchen was absolutely abuzz with work. We had the grills fired up, knives chopping away, people running around, orders being shouted, bread being sliced, desserts being topped with whipped cream. It was so much fun! It was a long day--10 hours--but a really enjoyable day. Employees came in to eat even though they had the day off! The menu included: hamburgers (which were delicious-I wolfed mine was about 1/2 lb. of beef! Mmm!...Mmmm!.....delish!), chicken, veggie burgers, and kielbasa with onions and peppers; spinach, strawberry, pecan salad with a raspberry vinaigrette; potato chips; ambrosia salad; potato salad; chili and cornbread; yummy gooey fudgey brownies; and apple crisp. SO good.
I digress from the purpose of this blog (typical, I know)....We also hired some extra people to help serve and such because this day is always very, very, busy. The hired help came from the Boston area and they were mostly foreigners, which I always think is cool because in my experience they always have cool stories or observations, interesting backgrounds and such. Anyways, of the helpers there were two men there: one from Morrocco and one from Columbia. I was lucky enough to work with one or the other throughout the day stocking things, lifting heavy things, putting things away, cleaning up messy hallways filled with boxes and sodas and equipment (perks of being a woman...I just can't lift some stuff! Heeheehee). Both men were very polite, very kind, very helpful, and very chivalrous. While there were countless times I could have done things myself, lifted things myself, they were insistant that I let them do it. THANK YOU. Chilvary is not dead!!!!!! WAHOO! I didn't mind that one of the men, from Columbia, was incredibly, incredibly attractive. Although, that made me intimidated and a tad shy, but I kind of enjoyed it. I mean come on, I'm a college girl surrounded but ding-bat hormonal, immature (for the most part), boys. Can you blame me for enjoying their company? I was treated like a woman! I was respected! They held doors for me, took my trash for me, went out of their way to put things away for me, asked me great questions. I mean I felt like a woman ought to! It was fabulous! I will also add, it has been my personal experience that the foreign men I have dealt with have almost always treated me like a woman, with great respect and kindness. So, any male happening to stumble upon this, take my advice: treat a woman like a woman and with some respect, yes that would include watching your language and opening my door. It goes a long way and means a great deal.

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The Meyer's said...

Deal. It is settled then. We're moving out of the country. No WONDER you had such a good day silly goose. It wasn't the busy work, it was the BOYS. But, you're right, chivalry is indeed refreshing.