Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BS... Dietetics!
It's official. I'm a college grad. This is pretty special to me because I'm the first in my family to hold a college degree and only the third on my mom's side of the fam so this was a memorable occasion for several reasons. I can't believe it's here and gone. Now for some photos....

Dr. Nyland, me, and Dr. Fullmer

THE COOKIE FAIRY!!!! Aka Aunt Sylvia, Marisa's aunt, whom I've adopted as my surrogate aunt and I aspire to be like her in many ways! What a treat to have her there with us! I was beyond words excited to finally meet her!

Most of the gang as we lined up for our march. We look good, if I do say so myself!

My life-long pal Erinn. What would I have done without her?!?! FAILED. Or gone insane.

Lindsey, my could-be sister. In fact several people have asked if we are sisters. Now we just say yes. We practically are. Love her!

My youngest brother, Dane! I'm SO very glad he could be there. Don't worry, my sales pitch for choosing BYU was very convincing. He's excited to attend games, basketball games, oh and academics...

And OF COURSE my mom :) Kudos to this woman for putting up with my complaining and tears for 5 years

I just really liked this one :)


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Jean said...

i'm so happy i saw you--that made my day. :) i love you to pieces! and i'm working full time but let's play anyway, call me :)

Liz said...

Erinn talked so much about you over the past few years. From a mother..thanks for being such a great friend. You added so much to her experience. Take care in the future! You deserve the best! (Your life seems so interesting)