Monday, May 10, 2010

Picture Perfect

Mother's Day was great! I got to talk to Mi Madre-the BEST, BEST, BEST mother in the whole. entire. universe. No really, she is:

She bakes...OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT. (Feel free to send me the three-layer brownies Mom!)
She paints rooms and houses HERSELF
She sews.... especially beautiful pillows and curtains
She cooks
She gardens
She's creative, innovative
She's beautiful
She's stylish
She's funny (very!)
She's sassy
She's smart
She's chic
She teaches us lots
She reads and reads and reads and has shown my the fun of reading
She likes art
She's fun to talk to---wise, honest, and kind
She's a kid at heart and that's what makes her so fun
She's selfless
She appreciates the important things in life
She's strong, no really, you try arm-wrestling her!
She's a hard worker
She always smells good
She lets us dream
She's fun, adventurous, and a BALL OF ENERGY!
She always reminds me that things will work out and they always do and she's always right
She's MINE, all MINE (well, I have to share with 2 brothers but that's ok) FOR FOREVER

And to top it all off, she got me this beaut for my graduation: It's a beautiful shade of purple and one of my new favorite toys. I've been deprived of pictorial creativity since I broke my other camera and now the ideas and creativity and inspiration whooooosh! into my brain and eyes as I read about the cool features of this lovely thing and think, imagine, and dream of the pictures I will take!

I also got to talk to my younger brother Heath, who will be home in 2 weeks and 3 days from Tucson, AZ. I'm excited beyond all description to have him back!!!! It'll be wonderful and he might even fly out and help me move. You have NO idea how tickled I am about that idea!

Funny/embarrassing story:
I went to campus today to work on a project (I know you'd think I'd run to the hills instead of campus, nope!) and decided to drop off some "Thank You" cards to my professors. I decided to just slip them under the doors. Perfect. Well for one I had to return a key and the card with the key wouldn't fit. Great. So I just hung it outside the door. No one better take it, but why would they? My director was still in her office and it might be weird for her to be sitting at her desk and the slip! in comes my card. Funny, actually now that I picture it but ya know, weird. So I decided to come back later and slip it under her door and she'd have a nice surprise in the morning! I should preface this next part: As I was walking down the hallway to the office I heard one of the professors (I assumed) enter of the rooms that requires a key code. Seeing as I wanted to be quick and anonymous, I was trying to hurry as I slipped cards under doors. I was going to slip a card under the door for our secretary but this door doesn't allow cards to slide under it! So, while I'm trying to shove the card for the secretary under the door, I hear said professor coming and quickly jump out and dash away just as said professor (those dietetics students who read this will perhaps find amusement in knowing that it was Dr. F) walks out of the door and catches me just as I'm walking away. Thank goodness there's a wall there so MAYBE she didn't see it was me. I'm sure I looked weird and suspicious and I could feel my face flush as I darted away. I hope she didn't recognize me or see me for long enough to know. EMBARRASSING. If she did recognize me, she probably things I'm so weird. Great.


Ashley and Kevin said...

I think that you meant that your mom is selfless... I still miss your face. Cute camera.

Gabe said...

No I meant selfish...ok that's a lie. GOOD catch and thanks for saving me from some serious embarrassment :) Miss your face more!

The Meyers said...

Lol. I bet she just would have glared. (Dr. F, that is, not your mother)