Wednesday, June 30, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things.... new longboard, named Nigel (note: picture is NOT of my actual board but pretty close)

...UPS/Fed Ex tracking online. Now I know that my fixed camera will be here...TODAY!

...dreaming of someday (soon) living and spending my entire summer (and fall and winter and spring) in New England. At the beach.
...peanut butter cookies because my friend Lillian made them while I was gone for the weekend so I would have a full cookie jar when I got back.
....since we're talking about peanut butter--everyday for lunch I have a delicious PB and banana sandwich. I LOVE THEM! fountains. One of my favorite sounds is running water. I know. Weird? Maybe? It's a wonderful sound to hear when I walk out on my way to work. Just trust me.

...sitting on the porch eating dinner, after dinner, reading, in the morning, anytime really, and sitting on the porch swing
...dreaming and planning and dreaming and yearning and dreaming of my trip to Italy someday

Also, today I learned how to work a forklift. Huh. I'll stick to dietetics.

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The Meyers said...

Agreed with all of the above! Well, except for the long board. And I'll do Florida beaches (minus the oil) instead of New England.

When are you moving to Tucson?