Monday, August 16, 2010

The adventures of Heath and Gabe!

Heath and I went on a road trip (read: hey let's move Gabe to Tucson!) from Salt Lake City to Tucson. Tucson is Heath's old stomping grounds because he spent 2 years living here. Here is a pictorial explanation of his (WAY TOO) short trip here.

Ya don't say?

A cool river we saw in AZ. I also saw another car with a NH license plate and wanted to chase it. Heath said no.

Holy cacti! Lots and lots of cacti. Weird.

The infamous 'Papa Smurf' Heath drove while in Tucson.
We had to go to 'El Nene' for a Sonoran hot dog. I didn't really want one because it's essentially a hot dog wrapped in bacon. I don't like bacon, but Heath said if I didn't try one he would be very disappointed. I cannot disappoint my brother.

Behold, the sonoran hot dog. Despite desperate pleas from my arteries and heart, I had one. Surprisingly, it was tasty. There was bacon (ick!), but not loads like I had imagined. Now I have had one and I probably won't go searching for an 'El Nene' (also affectionately called the "Roach Coach" *shudder*) anytime soon. Only when Heath is here. I was also instructed on the proper way to eat a jalapeno. BEWARE OF THE SEEDS.

Ha! He looks like a cheeseball. I miss him. It was fun. *Please note we also had to get a 'Thirst-Buster' from Circle K.
Come back Heath!
I miss my brothers.
Go get 'em Dane!

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Shannon Gish said...

Darling, wonderful Gabe - I can tell you that your brothers miss you too - and your Exeter Sistas. :)

Hope we see you soon.