Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm 23!!!

So my day was pretty low key and I liked it. My neighbors and friends made me dinner (homemade pizza---tomato, basil, and mozzarella!!!) and then I got a Jamba Juice with a friend, and then I had cake and ice cream and cake balls. My blood glucose is not happy at the moment but it was a fabulous day: opening my e-mail after work to see a ridiculous amount of facebook messages from old friends, new friends, family, high school teachers; text messages and phone calls and voice mails; e-mails; cards, and gifts. It was perfect. And get this, my teenage brother texted me at 3am (6am his time)---awww sweet! He thought of me in the WEE hours of the morn. That made my morning!

Proof that wonderful things come in small packages:

Cards from old friends, rice crispy treats from Grammy Lillian, a card with a shoe on it from my grandmother who adores shoes as much as I do that says "What delights us is often impractical"-ha!, Letters to Juliet (birthday present to myself)

And from my mom, PERFUME!!!!!! "Pink Sugar" by Aquolilna---tis to die for; Joe Malone "Red Roses"--reminds me of New England summers and my mom, and a new one from Ellen Tracy that is subtle yet sultry; Ghiradelli hot chocolate--she keeps me stocked!, Macintosh apples (I know this makes me look weird but I LOVE these apples. The aroma alone is enough to do me in. Mmmmm I love them! They are my favorite ever and I can never find them in the west and it breaks my heart so my mom sent me some. I love her). Also she sent me authentic New England cider doughnuts which I will eat with vanilla ice cream once my blood glucose stabilizes. She also included mascara (not pictured), which makes me chuckle because she also gets me mascara at Christmas too. I may or may not keep mascara longer than I should (read: I'm too lazy to buy some when it doesn't even clump that much...don't judge). What are you trying to say Mom!?? :0)
And my dear friend JENNA (hi!!!! *waves*) sent me a beautiful card. And she's prego. And today, on my birthday, she got to hear the little one's heartbeat for the first time. I know, I know, how PRESH! And she's due next year and I've been waiting YEARS for this. I am an Aunt-Gabe-to-be! (Shawna, Erinn, eh hem, get goin'!)

Basically if you ever need to get me a gift, food (read: sweets, chocolate, rice crispy treats...), perfume, and cards are the way to go. And since it is technically my birthweek, we are having lots of treats tomorrow at work. Dietitians love treats. It's a well-known fact. And no, that does NOT include celery sticks, carrot slices, and fat-free dip. Hooray!

Thanks to you all who made my day just delightful. I am blessed and ever so happy to have such wonderful chums! (And thank you to those who also mentioned enjoying my blog; I'm tickled!)

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