Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Terrific Tuesday! Let's talk about the terrific things about today....

1. Tax return en route...woot!

2. I had to go to the library to day to return some books. There are tons of libraries in the Tucson area but the one I prefer is the main one downtown. Now, there are often some sketchy folk that hang outside the library so I'm always walking with a poker face looking at the ground as I scurry into the library. Today I was hurrying by two men sitting on a bench when one said, "'Scuse me miss. Miss! You dropped your smile on the ground." I looked at the ground just as it clicked what he said and then I smiled. Fell for it! AND a book I had requested back in December finally came in. Ready for this: Chocolate: History, Culture, and Heritage. Freckles the Nerd at it again! This book is big and thick, 975 pages thick with 11 appendices. I'm pumped!!!!

3. Started my community rotation (LAST ROTATION) and my schedule is SWEET. As in today we technically only had to be at work from 1pm-3pm. Don't worry I came in early since I had a lot of projects to do but 6 hour days are beautiful.

4. Job hunting for real and I'll probably start applying after this week once my resume and cover letter are perfected (and after I remember to breathe deeply at the thought of having a. real. job. finally. I've found several jobs in Boston and several the NYC area. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Saw "The Green Lantern" and it was hilarious.

Happy Tuesday!

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Shannon Gish said...

We think you are T-T-T Terrific! Our vote for your job options choice is Boston! But NYC is fabo.