Saturday, July 2, 2011


I have a confession. I have a fear of lipstick.

I don't mind slapping on a bit of Burt's Bees, lipgloss with a dash of color, or even the cool new Burt's Bees tinted stuff. but lipstick freaks me out. I tend to keep my makeup on the tame side, nothing too crazy so I have this fear that if I wear lipstick it'll scream, LOOK AT ME!!!!, and that's not something I really want to convey. Now, I have to say that often when I pass the makeup aisle or see pictures in magazines or friends wear fabulous, bold shades of lipstick, I get a little urge to try some myself. But then, I don't.

That is until a few days ago when it was insisted upon that I try on some pink lipstick. So I did and I thought I looked ridiculous but my "encourager" insisted I purchase the lipstick, Maybelline "Pink Me Up." So I did and I'm growing to like it but I still feel weird wearing it. The girly girl in me is a wee bit shy.

Also, Freckles the Nerd is itching for another adventure. I've done chocolate, I've done marshmallows. Any ideas??

Happy Fourth of July weekend!!!!!

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The Gobbles said...

I can't lie lipstick terrifies me too, I don't know if I have ever worn any...ever. Also I have a great idea for an adventure...come visit! I miss you