Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beachin' It

Happy 200th Post!

Today I woke up pretty excited because I didn't have to work until 4. So I had a lazy morning and took this lovely picture of our pooch...
Cute huh? He just got his hair cut. He's SO darn cute I just have to scoop him up and snuggle with him every time I see him. Do you have a dog? Dogs are great. After leisurely getting ready I headed to my favorite place ever:  

I took a practice exam (I know....thrilling) and then read and sun-bathed, watched the surfers and had a jolly good time. The kids are back in school so the beaches are a little less busy, but there were still quite a few people there. Regardless, it was a perfect beach day.

And then I headed to work. And when I got to work I looked at my left-arm and it was red. Not pink. RED. Sun-BURNED. Then I had a peek at my legs and HELLO RED. I put sunblock of my face, shoulders, and feet and then got distracted with my practice test and must have spaced everything else. I really wanted to get it over with so I could read and enjoy. Pain. Red, hot pain. If you're cold, come on over and stand next to my left side. I'm a radiator.

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