Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Portland, ME

Today my mom and I went on an adventure to Portland, Maine. What I could tell you is that we went because I've never been there and have wanted to see it and it's on our list of places to see this summer. While that is true, the real reason we went is for these:

They are THE BEST ice cream sandwiches ever, made locally in Maine, found only in select stores in Maine, and conveniently in the Whole Foods store in Portland. So technically yes, yes we did drive for an hour to go to a Whole Foods store to get ice cream sandwiches. They are THAT good. See?

And we each got two: one was chocolate on chocolate (homemade chewy chocolate cookies with a homemade chocolate ice cream and the second was an chewy ginger cookie with lemon ice cream. To be honest, and you are talking to the poster-child of chocaholism, my favorite was the ginger/lemon combination because the two flavors are perfect together!!! Such a delightful contrast. Mmmmm.....mmmmm.....mmmmm! Moments of pure delight down to every. last. bite.

Then we strolled around the downtown...

Had a jolly good time going into all the little shops...

And promised we'd be back!
This picture is phenomenal for several reasons. One because on a whim mom my said, "Take a picture of me hitting the sign!" So of course I agreed. We looked like sketchy tourists waiting for someone to walk by and then I took it and giggled. Then I looked at the picture, because you know you always have to do this after you take a picture to give your approval, and my first reply was, "Mom, you have one rockin' calf muscle." True statement.

At Whole Foods we passed by these exquisite, perfect apricots and just had to bring some home. And I had to photograph them and post about it because they are darn near perfect wouldn't you say?
And they taste like heaven. I've already had two. I love fruit. Love it. Especially when it's so pretty to eat too!

Additionally I will share with you a little something about me, a fun fact if you will. I love stationary. I also love writing letters. Ask one of my best friends in the whole wide world Jenna and she'll tell you that we wrote letters to each other for years after I moved away and continued up until college (which we should pick up again..yes???). That or I need a pen pal. Any takers? Bueller? Bueller? Anyway, I have all of her letters in a shoebox in my closet and I treasure them dearly. Letters are so fun to receive and even more fun to read years later. So naturally when I see a stationary store I have to pop in. I love cards too and invitations and all that jazz. Now I tell you all of this because for my birthday I told my mom that I would like a wax & seal kit. I instantly think of the film "The Phantom of the Opera," the newest one with Gerard Butler and his fabulous skull wax seal. Is that not one of the coolest things ever? Maybe I'll write you a letter just so I can seal it.

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Jenna said...

Consider your letter in the mail! Your letters have a home in a shoebox under my bed too! They are on the list of things to grab in case of a fire.