Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gabe, the MORON

I'm an idiot. No really.
I've never seen the Blue Man Group and since I have a pal coming for a visit I decided to purchase tickets to see this critically-acclaimed show. Great right? Right. You know how when you are anticipating something really exciting like, for example, a wedding, the bride might stare at her engagement ring and sigh with excitement, maybe twist the ring around her finger a time or two so she knows it's really there? Ok so this wasn't really like that...but kind of. I'm excited to see the show so I went to look at the e-mail with the link for the tickets and then to my ABSOLUTE HORROR I see that the date for the tickets was listed as October 29 instead of November 26th. Hi, I'm Gabe, the biggest moron ever. Wow. How many times do they make you review the items before you click "Accept" or "Purchase"? Like 50 times and no I didn't catch it. Good one. I don't know how I mixed up the dates, honestly. HONESTLY GABE. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!??!?! It may be because I looked at tickets for different dates and times or perhaps because of my genuine idiocy, but whatever the case, I'm an idiot.

So, in my horror I immediately called ticketmaster. Nevermind that I'm on the verge of tears after a horrible day (well, really past few weeks) and the woman spoke to me like I'm an idiot (which, I have accepted but still, no need to be rude) and then told me to call the box office. So I called the box office and the chipper woman suddenly becomes very mean after I explainasfastasIcan my stupid situation and told me to e-mail her manager. Promptly I send out an-on-the-verge-of-desperation e-mail. Now, I wait. I hope she lets me "transfer" my tickets or I might cry because DANG IT those tickets were not cheap and I hate that I made such a stupid, silly mistake. Thankfully I didn't print the tickets beforehand and so that may help my case. Oh. My. I'm an idiot.

Also it's daylight savings today. Yay right? Right. MINUS the fact that my stupid phone didn't update so I did get up an hour early. Big deal right? It's Sunday, the weekend, I get to sleep in. WRONG. I had to work which means getting up at 5am except today I got up at 4am, got ready, went downstairs and freaked when I saw the clock reading 4:30am. I didn't believe it so I ran upstairs and googled it. Wow. This is my day for being an idiot.

And, I have lost track of the number of jobs I have applied to. I hate job hunting. On top of being a complete fool and idiot, I am very impatient for a job. This is not my month.

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