Thursday, April 12, 2012

Books, Baking, and a Doctor Story

I don't know if you do this but during my day when something happens I might think, Yup, this is some good blog material, and then instead of really focusing on my work, I compose the blog post in my head. Except then I get home and try to blog and the perfectly and cleverly composed post disappears from my mind. I hate that. It happened to me today.

Some girlfriends and I got together this evening and met up at Barnes and Noble. I wasn't sure what we were going to do but Ashley suggested we head over the children's section, pick out a few of our favorite childhood books and share them. Genius. It was SO much fun. We sat (rather, tried to squeeze) around a kid's table and read to each other. It was so much fun! A few of my choices were, "Chrysanthemum," "Froggy Gets Dressed," and one of the "I Spy" books. I LOVE "I Spy" books. In fact, when I was in college I would sometimes study on the 4th floor of the library (where the children's books were) and when my brain was exhausted, I would grab an "I Spy" book. 

When I was in elementary school, the author came to our school and read this book to us. I remember giggling until my stomach hurt.

Now. I did some baking this evening. For my Young Women youth group at church, I promised I would make them some treats on Sunday. I felt like I should test out the recipe first. I mean I'm partially buttering them up to really like me and think I'm super cool because I bring in awesome treats and I can't disappoint!!! How embarrassing would that be??? The horror! So, a few arm twists later (sarcasm), some friends at work agreed to be my guinea pigs. Behold: 

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Peanut Butter Cups

Read to assemble! 

 Done! And now to cool them...

These are sooooooooooooooooooo good. I could not get over how yummy the peanut butter dough was. Incredible. Not to mention they are wicked easy to make. Recipe here.
Yummy! I loved 'em and I'm sure the ladies on Sunday will too!

Now, my doctor story. This is not about Dr. W, although he was in fine form today during staffing. His humor is so very much appreciated and I secretly really look forward to staffing just because I know I will be laughing a lot. 

But, there's another doctor who I have seen several times this week bopping between the floors that I cover. In my rounds and staffing, the nurses have dropped his name several times often followed by a fanning motion, and then I'm tempted to hand them a napkin to dab their drool. 
Now, being the rookie to this place, my manager is constantly encouraging me to get to know the staff, introduce myself to everyone I interact with and to get to know everyone. But you know, doctors can be very intimidating. They are busy, sometimes snappy, sometimes irritable, and unless I have something important to talk to them about, I'm usually pretty hesitant to just introduce myself. Such is the case here, not to mention every female in a 40 foot radius of this doctor manages to find some reason to say something to him. It's very comical. I wonder if he notices. I just couldn't bring myself to just go up and introduce myself. I felt so stupid and didn't want to be just another female making conversation with this doctor. I refuse. And I find attractive men very intimidating. So I have been avoiding every opportunity to introduce myself. Until today. I thought about it for at least a minute today when he was charting on one of my patients. He was just sitting there writing some notes and there were only a few people around so it was a pretty ideal moment. 

I almost did it. And then I chickened out. 

I left the floor, went into my office, typed up a note, and then as I walked out he was sitting in the charting area and I looked up and he looked up and we locked eyes and without thinking (except I remember thinking, Just do it. Perfect timing and then as I was walking towards him my mind was screaming, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?"), I approached him and introduced myself. His handshake was a tad wimpy but he was very nice and we had a nice conversation. I was proud of myself. I tried to stop myself from grinning like an idiot as I walked down the hall but I couldn't help it. I did it! And that's my pathetic story of the day. Stay tuned for more to come!

And tomorrow I'm making homemade wheat thins. YESSSSSSSS.


Stephanie said...

So, when I first read this post, I just glanced at the title and apparently didn't see it very well because I thought the first word was "boobs". hahah. Scandalous. Oh, and seriously, those peanut butter thingers look fantastic.

Natalie said...

Gabe, I don't even know how I found your blog. I think I read it once before, but it's been a long time. Anyway, I just had to comment because your story at the end of this post had me laughing out loud and then I realized that you always had funny stories at school and I miss that! So maybe I will be checking in more often for those good stories. :) Love the baking and cooking too! I hope you're doing well! -Natalie

Kimi said...

Gabe these look soooo good! I'm making the PB cups asap! I bet the YW love you! Love your RD stories too.