Thursday, April 26, 2012

How 'bout a cannoli?

I love, with all the love my heart can muster, Boston.
Love that place. 
My favorite part of Boston, or at least one of them but even then, this one probably ranks at the very tip top of my list, is the North End. 

It is here where I like to go to my favorite pizza place on the planet, Regina's, and then head over a few streets for dessert at Mike's Pastry.

Well, imagine my glee when I got a text from my dear friends, Chris and Nicole, on Monday who were in Boston. How sweet of them to think of me while they were in Boston and in the North End! 

Then they asked for my favorite cannoli flavor (Hazelnut, hands down, or chocolate). Today when I came home from work, this was waiting for me:

You know you have good friends when they send you a cannoli all the way from Boston. I ate it. I savored it. I dreamed I was eating it on Hanover Street in the little garden area with the Paul Revere statue and the tribute to fallen soldiers. For a brief moment I was there. I miss it. Lots. Thanks Nicole and Chris! You have made my month. 


Clary Brown said...

Hanover?? not the north end??

Gabe said...

Hahah Hanover St IS the North End ;)