Saturday, July 7, 2012

Frozen Yogurt Tour, & Friends and Our Shenanigans

When I was in high school, my pre-calculus teacher Mr. Mac went on a doughnut tour with some of his pals and somehow, though how exactly escapes me, it was related to pre-calculus. Obviously he was a cool teacher. I'm on a similar mission this summer with my friend Jen, though our goal is to visit every frozen yogurt/ice cream joint in Myrtle Beach. We've made good progress. I'm delighted to tell you Jen and I are kindred spirits in our love for frozen yogurt. We could eat frozen yogurt every day if only our self-restraint didn't exist. Anytime I call or text her to see if she wants to get some froyo with me, she readily agrees. LOVE IT. It's one of the many facets of our friendship that I treasure. So far we've tried the Barking Fish, Orange Leaf, Tutti Frutti, TCBY, Coldstone, and Anything Froz. Our final spot is Sweet Frogz...coming next week. Our reigning champ so far is....ORANGE LEAF!!!!
They offer 14 flavors (including wedding cake, coconut, and white chocolate), have an excellent array of toppings, cool spoons (shovels and they are orange! +15 cool points), and a great ambiance in their store. Anything Froz is my 2nd (they have the best chocolate/PB swirl. It REALLY tastes like Reeses PB cups), though I've heard Sweet Frogz is very good. That remains to be tried and tested. We went to Tutti Frutti today and their cupcake flavor was excellent AND they have salted caramel pretzel which was really good too. I think they are my 3rd. Anyway, frozen yogurt brings me such joy. My all-time favorite place is in Boston by Fenway Park. Yummmmmmmm.......

I have made some awesome friends this summer: Jen, Marissa, and Allie. Sadly they are only here for the summer but I love them and we are definitely making the most of our summer! They are SO much fun. Last night Jen and I met up with Marissa and Allie and 2 of their friends visiting and hung out on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. It was packed with tourists, food places galore, tacky tourist shops (i.e. The Gay Dolphin...this place went on FOR FOREVER!!! Floors and floors and floors of every possible knick knack, tourist trap you can imagine), cheesy shows, and lots of fun. 

We had dinner at the Landshark right on the ocean and right beneath the Sky Wheel. It was soooo much fun. Afterward we spontaneously decided to go see the new Spiderman movie. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go see it STAT if you haven't already. It was GREAT. 

On tap this month:
-Tomorrow Allie, Jen, and Marissa are coming over and we are watching Zorro and eating bruschetta (using basil from my plant), pretzels (I'm taking Jen how to make them), and popcorn. We love our carbs and men in masks. Scotty should enjoy the company too!
-Beach days! Beach days! I have next Friday off and fully intend on heading to the beach. Freckles, freckles, freckles! (Since I do not tan...)
-Putt-putt aka miniature golf, Sweet Frogz, Tangor Outlets, sushi, new Batman movie (midnight showing??), Wilmington and lighthouses, more Pelicans games, more Mellow Mushroom pizza, beach days, and whatever else we decide! 

In other news...I am not a patient person and my impatience is starting to rear its ugly head again. *agitated sigh* And I was going to run 7 miles tonight buuuuut I got 4 hours of sleep and fell asleep in my work out clothes on my bed next to Scotty. Bliss. I don't feel bad. Naps are wonderful. 

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