Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oldy Goldy

 So can we talk about how sore I am for 1.34 minutes? I'm sore. Wicked sore. Going DOWN stairs is the worst thing ever. My coworkers make fun of me because when we go down for lunch we have to go down 3 flights of stairs and they fly down them and then tease me and tell me to hurry up. It's actually amusing. I laugh at myself (as tears form in the corners of my eyes with each step I take). I look like a toddler going down stairs for the first time by myself. But it's a satisfying and good pain. A well-earned pain. 

Yesterday I was sitting at one of the desks charting and one of the infectious disease docs was sitting next to me. He turned to me and asked if I was with the nutrition department and I said I was and perked up thinking he was going to ask me to see one of his patients. He then replied he saw me walking around with my friends and assumed I was one of them [dietitians]. I told him we travel in packs (true statement) and introduced myself. He then introduced himself and then said my name must be short for Gabrielle (pronounced GAB-ree-elle...ick but I wasn't about to correct him. It was late in the afternoon, I was almost done with my patient and just didn't have the energy to correct him and explain). I said yes and then he said, "You have an oldy goldy name! So does my daughter. Her name is Betsy." I laughed and wasn't sure what to say. Uh...thanks? Yes? But I thought it was kind of a cute. I have an oldy goldy name. So I commented on his daughter's name, which I really do think is cute. I was amused and pretty happy to have talked to this doctor. I see him all of the time and he intimidated me, but now we know each other. Cool! And because he's the infectious disease doc, this may open up a door for me to pick his brain and shoot him a few questions in the future. SCORE! Now if only I could get in with some of the surgeons. One department at a time...

Now today. I swear I had a sign somewhere that said something like "if you have a complain or want to take your frustrations out, please take it out on Gabe," because that's what happened. I had an alcoholic patient with swollen legs who ranted for 15 minutes about how swollen his legs had become ever since we repleted his electrolytes. I wanted to say, well maybe if you didn't drink excessive amounts of poison, er, alcohol and screw up your electrolytes and your liver this wouldn't be a problem now would it? I also nearly BUSTED up laughing when he stood up, lifted his pant legs to show me his swollen legs, which he kept referring to as hams. It really was funny. Maybe you had to be there and actually see him and his "hams" but whew, it was giggle-worthy. I waited until I left and was walking down the hall to giggle. 

And the best part of my day. I have a 101 year old on one of my floors. Yes you read that correctly. TRIPLE DIGITS. 101 years old and she is as sassy, spunky, and sharp as ever. I ADORE this patient. I hope and pray and aspire to be like her. I was in her room listening to her talk for about 45 minutes. She sews aprons (which are beautiful) and makes "sock monkey dudes and sock monkey ladies" (they are legit), calls herself "The Butterfly Lady" because she hands out butterfly clips to everyone, you know, those cool clips that were popular in the early 2000s? Yeah I had tons of them. She told me about how she met her husband (SUCH a cute story. I felt a few pricks of tears as she was telling me). I wanted to stay and listen and ask tons of questions but sadly her lunch arrived and I remembered I still had 13 patients to see and it was already noon. I just have to share this one story. She was telling me how she broke her hip a few years ago and was inching her way to her phone (she lives independently!!! Isn't that impressive?!?!) when she remembered the emergency button-necklace thing they advertise for elderly people to wear around their neck and when they push the button, the ambulance is dispatched immediately. She thought it had fallen off but then discovered, it was hidden in between "the great divide." It took me all of 5 seconds to realize she was referring to her chest. I couldn't help it and burst into belly laughter for about 2 minutes and she was giggling along with me. OH MY GOSH!!!! She kind of reminds me of Betty White, though not as....crude. This woman is hilarious. I can't wait to go see her again. 

And finally. I used my food processor to make crust for the first time. WHOA this is a historic event!!!!! This week for staffing I am making apple cinnamon hand pies. I decided to make the crust tonight and I will assemble them tomorrow. Pictures tomorrow of the finished product. For now, please allow me to beam about making my first pie crust for the first time in my food processor. 

Baking tunes: 
--"Daylight" by Maroon 5 (their new song; I have come to the conclusion that Maroon 5 is officially one of my favorite bands. Congratulations guys, I'm fickle about having "favorite" bands and you made the cut. Well done!)
--"Le Flair De Celmar" and "Sur Les Points De Venise" by Note Manouche (jazzy and wonderful. Madre--youtube this band, you'll like them)
--"Numb" by Usher
--"We Run" by Havana Brown ft. Pitbull (I actually do NOT like Pitbull but Amy created a playlist for my half marathon and this was on it and it's catchy and I can dance to it). 

That is all. Covert Affairs is one tonight. YESSSS!

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