Sunday, May 12, 2013

Guess Who This Is?

I have a confession. Usually when I get a call from an unknown number, my curiosity meter goes off the charts and I have to answer because I have to know who it is. I'm so intrigued! Today I had a call from a Maryland number...huh? I almost ignored it but then remembered my pal Amy is home in Delaware and maybe she was calling from a cell number or something....I don't know but I thought I had better answer it. BOY am I EVER so glad that I did! It was my brother, who is currently out serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Communication is pretty strict/limited so the missionaries can focus on their mission; they are only allowed to call their family twice a year, Mother's Day and Christmas. Well, I answered this Maryland number and recognized instantly that it was Dane but I was so confused. Why was he calling me? Well, I guess it sometimes pays to have your parents out of the country so I got the privilege of being the one he called. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! And let me tell you, actually I can't. I can't tell you. But I can sure try to convey how much I adore my brother. He's a stud. I adore him to bits and pieces. LOVE him. He's my twin, 6 years my junior and one of my very best friends. We got to Skype for over an hour while I tried to email and text my mom, stepdad and brother who are currently in London. Fortunately I finally got in touch with them so he did get to chat with them too.

Hard at work while we Skyped. Gosh I love my brother!

Now. Let's backtrack a little. Last weekend was gloomy, crummy, and rainy. To be honest I kind of liked it because I was really tired and liked having the excuse to stay in. So what do I do when I am home bound?? I bake!!!!

I tried out a new pretzel recipe! DELISH! 
Rosemary sea salt pretzels. I will definitely be making these again! 
(Erinn and Stephanie, if you are reading this, these take substantially less time than the pretzels we made...but that was a blast and totally worth it!)

I decided to try out macaroons for the first time. 
Clearly I'm a rookie but they tasted really good.

Last Saturday night I went over to Amy's apartment with the goal to rearrange her living room. Bonus! I had Jimmy John's subs for the first time. It was good but let me tell you, it didn't have a thing on KHOP (Kingston House of Pizza). After about 30 minutes of moving her furniture all over the room, we finally got it right. We are VERY pleased with it! And another bonus!!! I learned how to use the panorama on my iPhone! 

Then on Sunday I decided to make homemade nutter butters. Holy catscans these are good. If you like peanut butter, these are for you. This isn't a very good picture so don't judge too harshly; I had already wrapped the good ones up and didn't feel like getting them out. 

Wednesday I went to dinner with a friend to a local burger joint that is supposed to be really good in honor of National Burger Month. It was SO good. I got the Surf 'n Turf which had spicy shrimp on it. You better believe I ate all 7oz. But don't worry, I practically starved myself the entire day to prepare for this. Well worth it friends, well worth it. 

Yesterday I booked our (that is, Scotty and I) flight how to New England in June. Scotty is moving back home to live with my brother and sister-in-law. You know what that means? Practicing in the dreaded carry-on bag. Poor Scotty. I hate it just as much as he does. 

I popped into the grocery store yesterday on the way home from work because I saw they had a sale on strawberries so, naturally, had to have some! They were beautiful!!! And tasted wicked good, which I was delighted by because the last bunch I bought were not so great. I got 3 pounds, probably ate at least half of a pound while I chopped these up to freeze. I plan on making banana strawberry ice cream with...bananas and strawberries. Seriously. That's all. Amy showed me because she made banana/peanut butter ice cream in her food processor and it was to die for. Thank you Pinterest. 

And finally, Happy Mom's Day!

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