Thursday, September 11, 2008


I love random tid-bits of information, or as I like to call them: fun facts! I'm currently taking a pathophysiology class and a clinical nutrition class, and in a mere week I have learned some really cool facts that I feel the need to share. Enjoy!

1. There is NO SUCH THING as cellulite. It's kind of obvious really. What exactly is cellulite.....fat. So any woman reading this is probably questioning me. Let me explain. Cellulite is a term used for marketing skills and if you honestly believe that rubbing cream on your thighs is going to rid your body of cellulite you probably don't fully understand weight loss. It would basically have to burn through your skin, tissues, and then burn the fat to really do that job and who wants that?! So your next question is probably, yeah but it's dimply so it's got to be different. Wrong again. It's still fat. The only difference is it doesn't have water or muscle overlying it and thus you have the dimply look.

2. All fat is created equal. By this I mean, there is no fat that is more difficult to rid your body of than other fat. Doing hundreds of crunches a day will not shrink your stomach. You will lose fat from all over your body. The crunches will strengthen your ab muscles but that does not target the fat in your stomach solely. Decrease food calories and increase your exercise.

3. Sunscreen/sunblock does not block UV rays. Ok, actually it blocks them a little bit but not enough to protect your body from genetic mutations, tumors, and eventually cancer. It DOES however, protect you from sunburns which can exacerbate the genetic damage. And for those of you who use tanning beds you should know that they are worse than the sun's rays and you are well on your way to cancer.

4. There is not solid scientific data to date to specify healthy body fat. The numbers given (BMI, skin fold tests, triceps skin test, hydrodensitometry and other body composition methods) are really good estimations however.

5. Your tibia is not suspectible to osteoporosis. Here is where your tibia is in case you forgot ;)

6. Both men and women begin to lose height around the age of 30.

That's all I have for today but rest assured there will be more!!

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