Sunday, September 14, 2008

sunday scribblings: coffee/daily addictions

I actually don't drink coffee. I do however LOVE the smell of coffee. I think I've inherited this from my mom. Whenever we go into a coffee shop we both look at each other and inhale deeply with a look of pure bliss on our faces. I like going into perfume, soap, or candle shops and then being able to sniff the coffee beans to clear my olfactory palette and have a moment of happiness. I don't really have daily addictions. I do have to eat breakfast in the morning or my body and energy levels are out of whack for quite a while. I do have seasonal/situational addictions. When it's cold, rainy, and gloomy outside, I like to make myself a large cup of Ghirardelli hot chocolate, curl up and read a good book. Around Christmas I like to drink peppermint hot chocolate OR put peppermint ice cream in hot chocolate. Oh it's so good!
During the summer I like to eat lots of ice cream. My favorite place to go is Lago's in Rye, NH. They have tons of flavors to choose from and their portions are incredible and it's all homemade ice cream. It's SO good.
When I get home for the summer, it doesn't matter if I arrived on a red eye flight or what but I have to go to the ocean and smell that briny smell. It's tradition and has become an obsession. I crave the smell when I get home. Weird huh?


B. Roan said...

It's funny how smells are often permanently linked to a memory. Every time I smell cinnamon, I think of my mom. I enjoyed reading your post. BJ

tumblewords said...

Nice post! I, too, know those fragrances that are tied to people or times.

Ashley said...

My mom and I LOVE the smell of coffee too. I thought we were the only Mormons who did though. Hm... miss you. And love your blog by the way.