Saturday, November 22, 2008


THANK goodness for Thanksgiving!!!!

I am going to San Diego for Thanksgiving and I'm so excited! In fact, my grandmother called me today to ask what I like for breakfast. Precious! I'm excited for many reasons. Some of them being I get to see two of my aunts and their families, relatives I've not seen in well over a decade. This makes me very happy. Second, I get to be in warm weather. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of all 4 seasons but not in Utah. Why? Because in Utah winter seems to last for forever.The longer I can put off winter in Utah, the better. Spring comes, then goes, and comes again. It's the teasing that kills me. Alas, I digress. And I love my grandmother. She's sassy, smart, witty, an aaaaaaamaaaaazing cook, and sweet. I'm excited to relax with her on her porch, overlooking her gardens. Also my grandpa is funny, intimidating but funny! And my grandma has a talking parrot who says funny things. I remember as a child he used to use expletives, horrible I know...but as a child, I found it hilarious. I probably still will (thank the inner child in me). Finally, it's a break from school, from Utah, from a busy, stressful schedule.
I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy early Thanksgiving to you all!

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Ashley said...

GABE!!! I tagged you in my blog and I want to hear about your quirks. Also, it was fabulous seeing you this week. Love ya'!