Saturday, December 20, 2008

Flying fiasco: Part 1

Flying Fiasco: Part 1

Before I begin, allow me to warn you that this is probably going to be a lengthy post. In fact, I’ll probably break it up just to add some spice to my grand adventure. Also, let me dedicate this post to Britton because I didn’t get to do much people watching. I think you’ll find this a little more entertaining….

With ice storms and snow slamming New England, the northeast in general, and a lovely (sarcasm) blizzard whiting out I-15 and Salt Lake City, I knew something was bound to go wrong. It’s also the big holiday traveling rush to get home. Each year, either going home or coming back something happens. This year was by far the most…interesting.

Salt Lake City

Shawna drove me to the airport. Before dropping me off we decided to pay a visit to one of our best friends, Jenna, her husband Sam, and their cat. It was a great visit, short but wonderful. We sipped hot chocolate and chit-chatted. I was so very happy. My flight was scheduled to leave at 4:55pm and after seeing that it was 3:30pm, we decided to head out, even though we weren’t very far from the airport. Off we went into the blizzard. I’ve not seen snow like that in Utah ever I think. Go figure. Can I just say this: LEARN TO THE PLOW YOUR ROADS UTAH!!!! I mean seriously. I swear they wait until an hour has gone by and then they decide to bust out the plows, but the plows only do the dingy side roads first. Forget the interstate. Are you kidding me??? I was not happy about this. I don’t mean to be a snob, but New Englanders know who to deal with bad weather. If there is even talk of snow, the plows are out for as long as it takes to ensure the roads are safe. NOT in Utah. I’ve been spoiled and therefore have high standards when it comes to taking care of roads, but especially interstates!!!! For goodness sakes! My blood starts to boil in the winter in Utah. However, I was driving with Shawna and truthfully, I am never afraid when she is driving. I don’t really know why but even though her windshield wipers weren’t performing very well, we couldn’t see the lane, and there was tons of snow and slush everywhere, I felt fine. Except, we were cutting it close timewise. Luckily, my flight was delayed 45 minutes. We got the airport (and their roads were beautifully plowed. Nice, nice guys. Plow the airport but not the way INTO the airport—that makes sense…). Check in was fine. Security was fine. Got hit on by the guy checking my boarding pass and I.D. *eye roll* He apparently couldn’t decide which he liked better: my face in person or my driver’s license. Oy.

My flight ended up not leaving until about 7:30. I didn’t really care. Why? I had a 7-8 hour layover in JFK to look forward to so by all means, take as long as needed. Plus, I got to people watch. SO fun! I like to make up stories about the people too. It was a good time. I was so tired though. Maybe it was the stress of worrying about missing my flight. The flight was ok. I slept the first hour (through take off!!!! That never happens!!!). Then I realized that I had a wide selection of movies and tv shows that I could watch. I watched House (love that show!), The Office, and started The Hulk but then got sick of watching tv. Also can I go on another tangent and say there was a very young boy (13, maybe 14; he looked like he was beginning that awkward teenage stage) who was watching a vile movie in front of me. I unfortunately happened to glance at the screen during a very disturbing scene and was outraged that he was watching such a movie with his parents sitting across the isle and his younger brother and sister on either side of him (by younger I mean probably between 6 and 9). I was mad that I, the 21-year-old, saw the scene but to have him and his siblings see it. Oh I wanted to throw up.

I sat next to a man who has a place in Park City and splits his time between Utah and Connecticut. Seemed like a nice man…until we landed. He was so impatient. I have long since learned that getting impatient while flying gets absolutely nothing accomplished. You have no control over it so why get mad? Plus it’s not like it’s the pilot’s fault he was following protocol waiting for someone at the airport to do something geez. Anyways, I got annoyed by the man real quick. His constant sighing, pacing, fidgeting, etc. Relax!!! It’s 1 in the morning; we’re all tired! At least you don’t have to wait for another 6 hours for your connecting flight.

Or so I thought…

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Jean said...

haha.. just so you know, in seattle they don't plow the roads.. AT ALL. yeah, i'm serious. i'll post pics in a bit. but we've been stuck inside because there's an inch of snow still on the ground, but on the roads, b/c they don't plow so it just freezes over so all the roads are still white. so so silly. so i've been complaining about how utah does it better. hahaha. i should go see new england sometime. :)

on to read part 2...