Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Little People

It has come to my attention that kids prefer to be referred to as "little people," and quite honestly, this makes a whole lot of sense to me. They are little people. Anyways....

I was lucky enough to babysit three lovely little people these evening while their beautiful, pregnant mom is on bed rest. Also I should tell you--I love little people. I love babysitting. I love the opportunity to be a kid again and allow the inner kid in me to resurface and break free. It's awesome. These three lovely little people are so very precious. They came over for a few hours this evening where we watched "Dirty Jobs" (never seen it but it was indeed disgusting!), drew pictures, gave piggy-back rides, chased each other, ate cookies, and drew some more.

As I was backing out of my driveway on the way to return them to their colonial home, the youngest--who is 4-years old--so innocently and sincerely said Gabe, I love you. Coming from this beautiful girl made me bubble inside with such joy!!!! I can't wait until my own little girl says that.

I love little people. Thank you little person for making my day!

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