Friday, January 30, 2009

My bros

Summer 2008 before Heath left

My brothers are fabulous. I love them dearly. I'm the oldest and the only girl and I wouldn't have it any other way. My brothers rock. The oldest of the two: Heath. The youngest: Dane. What spurs this topic you may ask? Well, today I was in the library working on a paper. Taking a break, I was going through old pictures from college, reminiscing if you will. I was looking at pictures from Christmas break my sophomore year and I stumbled upon a hilarious video I had taken of my brother. Anyone else outside of my family would probably find it to be the stupidest video ever. It perfectly depicts my and Heath's relationship as siblings. I might need to go watch it again because I think it's incredibly funny. I guess you just have to know both of us extremely well and know how we interact with each other to truly appreciate it. Anyways, back to my story....I however--in the library remember--was laughing so hard (and silently) that I was shaking and tears were streaming down my face. That has not happened in months. It was so awesome. I miss Heath. I immediately called my mom and had to reminisce about Heath (he's on a 2-year mission in the Southwest) and how much I miss him. It was awesome.
(FYI-the pictures to the left and right are from Christmas 2006 and my oh my how my brothers have grown!)

Now for Dane. He is the youngest and the last one at home. Poor kid...not! But, kinda. He doesn't have us to boss him around and pick on him. And I'd be a little lonely. Then again...there is Scottie, our dog whom Dane has, against his will, relinquished the title as the "Spoiled One" to. Anyways, Dane is the tough kid. Where Heath and I are opposites, Dane and I are very much alike. It's quite fun. We have a day-to-day sports conversations. And oh my gosh, he is so dang popular and charming?!?! At home sometimes I wonder how that happened but apparently he's good with people. Go Dane! He amazes me with his talent and intelligence. We have some good conversations too.
I miss my brothers!!!

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