Sunday, May 31, 2009

sunday scribblings: covert

Sorry-that last picture was a tad offensive and I didn't realize it until days later!

I enjoy being sneaky. It's fun.

When I was a youngster, about 11 or 12, my brother and I were in our library and we were arguing over whose turn it was on the computer (in all honesty I, being the oldest, was probably explaining to my inferior younger brother that I was in the middle of something very important--either an extensive AIM conversation or some computer game (The Sims? That game rocked!); clearly important stuff). I might add my mom was out running errands with the youngest brother in tow leaving the two of us to ourselves. Anyways, our disagreement progressed to intense arguing, raised voices, and then a full blown fight--in your face sort of thing.
There is behind the desk chair a table (a rather wobbly one I might add) with a lamp and a potpourri dish. I think I must have shoved my brother, but in all honesty I don't remember how it happened. The point being that all of the sudden the lamp broke.

Well, we found ourselves in quite the quandary.

Being terrified of our mom's response (I think it was one of her favorite lamps) to breaking her lamp, albeit accidentally over the computer, we went dead silent for a good 2 minutes just gaping at what had happened. I remember bursting into tears, apologizing profusely and then begging my brother to help me fix it while making a pact with each other not to tell Mom.

We fixed the lamp with divine precision (of this I am sure) and she didn't notice until years later when she accidentally hit the table and the lamp "broke" suspiciously clean along the same lines it had broken years ago (they were large chunks thank goodness).

Covert? I think so.

But I also enjoy indulging in covert operations to surprise people. My favorite thing to do is bake scrumptious treats for people and anonymously leave it on their doorstep. I just like to do things for other people to make them smile ya know? Makes me happy and I enjoy the thrill of being covert, trying to do it without being caught or ever discovered. I don't always succeed but it's still fun all the same. I also enjoy pranks but that's for another time.


Dee Martin said...

If I send you my address do you think you could leave some goodies on a Texas doorstep :) - loved the story about you and your brother!

Tumblewords: said...

Nothing like a little trouble to solve a brother/sister argument - well written cute story - I love that you're covert about delivering goodies and smiles! Nice!

Ashley said...

That's the sneaky Gabe I know and love. Miss you doll... 17 days until I get to see you! Awesome, I can't wait!!!!!