Monday, May 25, 2009

Once Upon a May day....

.....a girl went on an adventure. Not just any ordinary adventure, but a beach adventure, taking her along the New England coastline.

This red-haired girl with freckles carried with her some essentials for a perfect beach adventure: her orange beach bag, beach towel, sunscreen, and books. These books weren't just any beach books either; they were the Betsy-Tacy books, a favorite series of hers as a child. She had decided to reread them just for fun...and because she could.
Her first stop was Rye Harbor, a favorite niche of hers. There is a land bridge here that she likes to walk on. It's quite serene.
{please note the difference of the water to the left and right....beautiful}

It was here that she couldn't quite stop smiling ear to ear. The waves rolled in, crashing against the rocks....
....and the water in the harbor was crystal clear. Of all the times she's visited this special place, she's never seen this!
It was marvelous and the red-headed girl was very happy. She paused for a few moments and breathed in the salty, briny smell of the Atlantic. Mmmmmm. She watched the boats cruise out of the harbor and bob in the ocean, the seagulls cruise in the sapphire sky, and listened to the waves crash.
Then she decided to continue on her adventure. Along her way she spotted the beach roses in bloom. My how good they smelled!
"The perfume of roses are like exquisite chords of music composed of many odor notes harmoniously blended. " -N F Miller

Her next stop was her most favorite spot along the coast. It is here that she always spends her beach days. It's not a sandy beach, although one of those is nearby, rather she prefers to freckle (as opposed to tan) upon great, big boulders and rigid rocks, where pools of ocean water collect and tiny creatures live. It was here that she set up her blue striped beach chair and beach towel and began to delve into her childhood with Betsy, Tacy, and Tib. As she devoured the adventures of the young girls, the red-head with freckles (which were quickly growing in number as the sun lured them to POP! onto her skin) realized she had a visitor....
...a ladybug! This ladybug was very dark though, a cherry chocolate color, no doubt from tanning in the sun. Her name became Betsy, after the heroine in the books the red-head was reading. Betsy flew away after a few minutes of exploring human fingers.
After reading for a few hours, the red-headed girl with lots more freckles decided to engage in one of her most favorite beach activities: hunting for sea glass. Her favorite spot with all the rocks also has a pebble beach hidden away a short walk from where the red-head was reading. She put on her shoes and hopped rocks to the spot.
When hunting for sea glass, one typically finds a great deal of brown and green pieces. Occasionally a white piece will manifest itself. The rarest pieces are the dark blue and red ones (red is the rarest of them all supposedly from the old, old lobster traps when they were partially made of glass). The red-headed girl had only once found a red piece and this was after hours of digging and searching. Today, only after a minute of searching, her eye caught something blue...a piece of sea glass and a large piece at that! Hoooray! She continued digging around the beach and found lots of pieces of green, brown, a few white, some neat rocks, even some sea-foam green pieces, and a green marble! Quite content (and sun-burned), she decided her day had come to an end. She set off to her yellow house to pour over her new-found beach treasures....
"Today is a smooth white seashell, hold it close and listen to the beauty of the hours." -Unknown

What a wonderful day!

“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”-Jacques Coustea


giulia said...

I saw the shout out on facebook to check this post out. :)
What a perfect day you lucky girl!
I, too, have freckles "popping" at an exponential rate. YAY for SUN and SUMMER and GOOD BOOKS!
take care!

lady jane said...

gabe i love you. i just stumbled along your blog. someday i want to visit your beautiful beach, you know... being a desert girl i've never seen a beach.
i can't wait to see you in a month. you are amazing!!
jane pryor