Sunday, May 24, 2009

sunday scribblings: worry

I have no creative way to write about this, nor do I have any particularly amusing stories about this and since I've been on ranting spree the past week or so, I'll refrain from going down that road....

All I can really say is: YES.

I worry about a lot of things. My major concerns are as follows (and they may or may not have some explanations):

1. School-I'm almost done but last year was ridiculously hard. I hope I can survive my senior year. *optimism!!!!*

2. Money-I hate it but I need it and I can't live without it. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Greedy people (*cough* politicians *cough*) ruin it for the rest of us. Can't we just barter?

3. My future-where the heck am I going to do my internship? Boston where I have only dreamed of living or to stay in the west????

4. My future self-will I ever grow up? Will I ever get married? Will I ever know as much as my mom does? Will I be successful? Will I become one of those people that dreams about all these things but never does them (I shudder at the very thought!)? While I'm paying for all the baby-boomers to survive in nursing homes and to get medications, will I be able to support myself and my family??

5. My future children. The world today sucks. Enough said. Good luck kids, I'm here for you. This is probably my biggest worry. I struggle with my youngest brother. I can only imagine what it'll be like with my own chick-a-dees someday.

6. My youngest brother-I'm the oldest and the only girl so I've inherited the annoying-2nd-mother gene. My youngest brother is just finishing up his freshman year of high school and he can be obnoxious, arrogant, narcissistic, selfish, hormonal, emotional, rude, and stupid. I worry that he'll make bad decisions, that he'll do what is cool by society's HORRIBLY twisted standards instead of what's right, that he'll cut himself short, that he'll slack off and won't push himself to his potential. Oh the teenage years. I know there's a good kid in there somewhere, and sometimes that good kids surfaces. I wish I could see him more. I miss him. My poor Mother-sorry I was such a punk Mom!

7. Our society. There's far, far too much to say on this so I'm not even going to go there.

BUT I still remain hopeful and optimistic. I have good friends and good family and that's the best way to cope.


floreta said...

i also worry about my future self and future children for the same reasons!

Jean said...

whoa... i was just talking to my mom about this very topic (worry) today on the phone. she was telling me to stop worrying so much. i do worry about everything. man. i feel ya!!

Dee Martin said...

Your brother sounds perfectly normal so since he is a high school age guy then yes there are always things to worry about LOL
The rest of it, I wish I could say don't worry but the way the economy is there are valid concerns. We left a mess for your generation and I can only hope that you will have people who will rise to the task of making things better. My generation thought we would make it better but, well - you can look around and see the result.

I hope you will find some hope...