Friday, July 17, 2009

Michael Jackson

Alright, alright.

ENOUGH with Michael Jackson. ENOUGH. I'm trying to bridle my bluntness but really, I cannot contain myself any longer. Michael still dead. I don't really care how he died, what drugs were in his system, how much debt he had, about his kids, about his wives, about what happens to his estate, about his funeral, about how his memorial cost or how it's getting paid for, or about his weirdo siblings and their conspiracy theories. I. DON'T. CARE.

Accept that fact that he is dead, enjoy the good times (pre-weirdo plastic surgery and weirdo marriages and skin changing time), the good music, and his unbelievable talent. MOVE ON people. MOVE ON. Truthfully, I think he checked out awhile ago. So, I wasn't really moved or shocked when I found out he died. It was more like an, "Huh. Wow. Well, he's in a better place." I mean he was weird. It is a shame but it is what it is and no amount of media coverage or speculation will bring him back. The King of Pop has left the building.

Yes-he was "The King of Pop." Ok, I'll admit, I just downloaded off iTunes some of his greatest hits. I mean the guy has got the moves and his songs are awesome!!! He revolutionized music videos and pop music. His music is some of the best ever. And, he was dang attractive in his "Thriller" days. And had he stayed as he was, boy oh boy I wonder what he would have looked like today. Shame. Whatta shame.

And...I just watched the music video for "Thriller." Forget working on my break dancing moves! I think I'll learn thriller.


Erica Chandler Hansen said...
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Jefferson and Erica said...

I'm totally with you Gabe. Over Michael five minutes after I heard he died. Hey...wasn't he a child molester? Oh never mind that! He was the King of Pop. Hahahaha....