Saturday, July 18, 2009

How I spent my summer...

[note: I realize I've been blogging a lot lately this past week...I don't really know why but I have.]

I received an e-mail from the president of the Student Dietetics Association, of which I am a member, asking us to write a little blurb about our dietetics related experiences this summer on our blog. I decided to see who had done it and what they'd written.
After reading it I felt....deflated. Like a failure. Inadequate. Unprepared. Sick.

One girl now knows how to chart things and she's seen all the cool stuff we've learned about at school. One girl practically runs a kitchen. One is a coordinator. They've all written magnificent little cute posters and handouts. Great. Just great.

I work in a kitchen at a hospital. The head dietitian has been a pain in my neck wasting my summer not giving me a straight answer if I could shadow her and the other dietitians saying it was some privacy thing...even though...I'm an employee already! LAME. I don't plan menus. I don't cook the food (although I do help). I don't make snazzy hand outs. I don't sit with clients and advise them. I've volunteered at WIC once because I work 2 jobs/50-60 hours a week so I can pay for my education.

I am a failure. How can I expect to get an internship now?

{insert very, very sad face here}

BUT what I will say is this: I spent my summer working and in my spare time I went to the beach and collected sea glass while watching boats bob in the Atlantic and seagulls float in the breeze. I went to Maine, saw one of my best friends get married, read some awesome books, went to Boston, went to northern NH with some of my dearest of friends, hung out with my family, kayaked, slept, played with my dog, swung on my swing, admired my mom's beautiful gardens, and loved every moment of my time in New England. Sorry, but dietetics is my job not my life.


The Meyer's said...

You have put down the same words that went through my head when reading that blog. I was sick.... just sick. But hey, it's cool, I work at a bank, that totally counts... :(

Yes, I'm discouraged about it right now, too. We can be discouraged together.

Jefferson and Erica said...

Hello! You are not a failure Gabe! I hate how the Dietetics program makes everyone feel like that. In fact, just this week I was thinking how inadequate I was to be a good dietitian and have already begun planning to not get an internship. I say we form some kind of alliance and avoid all of the guilt and stress and sickness that comes with trying to compete with everyone and their collective dietetics related experiences. Blah.

Jean said...

you go girl for realizing the job and life are not the same and for realizing that you are having a BOMB summer regardless! plus i have no worries for you because you are brilliant, a hard worker, and super determined, so you will have no problem getting an internship or a job. :)