Thursday, July 23, 2009

Three (or more) good things....

After reading the Little Lady Agency agency books, I'm going to follow Melissa's example and list three (or more) good things:

1. The girls at work and I planned Ladies Night to Fire and Ice in Boston. I've never been but I am abuzz with excitement because a) we're getting dolled up and nothing is more exciting to me than a reason to get dolled up; b) it's in Boston; c) it's with 2 of my favorite co-workers ever; d) it's going to be awesome! Bring out the stilettos!

2. I have a friend coming to visit tomorrow and I'm pretty dang excited to show him around my town.

3. I also get to kid-sit some awesome kids this weekend and I am bubbling with excitement. I just love kids and babysitting and kidsitting. I get to be a kid again and it's a blast. I have a scavenger hunt planned with a surprise pinata at the end. But this is no ordinary pinata...I made it! It's a hot air balloon filled with candy!

4. I got a cool new shirt yesterday and I'm wearing it today and I love it.

5. In the next five days I will ingest: Oreo Fudge Bars, mom's banana-peanut butter-chocolate chip muffing, candy, lobstah, Lago's ice cream (!!!!), Regina's Pizza, Mike's Canolis, and many other wonderful treats.

6. No working for 5 days. NONE.


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Ashley said...

These all make me so happy. You better keep me updated on the whole (clears throat) thing. I hope that was clear enough, I'm trying to be sneaky.