Tuesday, July 28, 2009



What a busy, busy, busy time the last week has been! I kidsat for 3 days (with the generous help of my mom!) while at the same time entertaining a friend from college out to visit the East Coast. It was a grand time! I got to see all my favorite sites and share them with a dear friend of mine. I got to play, tease, run around, play games, and read to three cute, adorable, sweet, fun children. But...I'm glad it's over. Being a hostess/entertainer is hard work! I don't mind it but I am exhausted. And....I don't want to eat any ice cream, cookies, pie, chips, pizza, or any junk food for a long while. I am a little (a lot) tired of junk food and...driving. My poor car is also tired.

The heat and humidity are in full swing now. YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! I've only been waiting for months for summer to finally arrive and here, at the end of July we are finally getting the weather I've been hoping and wishing and praying for. WAHOO! I will never again complain about the heat and humidity. Ever. I never want to have a month straight of rain again.

Now, I'm going to crash in my room and read a book and enjoy the humidity and the sweet breeze of my fan. Then I might watch the Red Sox game. Then I might watch NCIS. Oh how I love summah time in New England!

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