Friday, November 13, 2009

Nothing gets me... a man who can sing (eh a suit, with great cologne...I'm just sayin'...). Or four of them. Meet Il Divo.

I just got an e-mail with this link to listen to 4 tenors singing in the Colosseum in Rome. Do you think I'd go listen to it? Of COURSE. Four men singing, hello! It was beautiful. I hope you watch the video. I've been blessed to have been raised by a mother who loves music and can sing beautifully (and yet to my dismay I did not inherit her singing ability...). She exposed my brothers and I to a wide variety of music. I love music, all kinds. It is difficult for me to pick a genre that I don't like, with the exception of heavy metal. No thank you. I especially love listening to people with real, raw talent. These 4 men are incredible. One is from Spain, one from the USA, one from France (why hello), and one from Switzerland. They are all incredibly talented, insanely handsome (they could be GQ models!!!Rugged, manly....), and just amazing. I might have to go buy their CD....or CDs!

Oh I am in love!

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Ashley Jensen said...

Chris introduced me to some of their music. I agree, SO good!!