Thursday, November 12, 2009's Thursday!

Time to update. Except I have this problem. I think of what I want to write about on my walk home and then I can never remember. Drats!

First, I love my mom. I had a horrible week a couple weeks ago. HORRIBLE. As in everything that could go wrong went wrong. So, my mom sent me a care package with baking goods (REAL vanilla people! REAL!), candy, and 2 jars of marshmallow fluff. They do not have fluff out here so I have to import it from home. My mom is the best.

Second, my Celtics are 8-1!

Third, I hurt my ankle. Allow me to preface my story by telling you that I have never broken anything. I have plenty of scars and close calls, but nothing serious. I was playing soccer with two of my friends, Dave and Nate, when Nate kicked the ball so I jumped in the air to kick it, missed (embarrassing...) and then landed on my ankle with a "SNAP!" I lye on the ground mostly in panic waiting for the pain to come. Nothing. Ok, good sign. I decided to stay in the position because I was in shock. Then I sat up and discovered I could put pressure on it without pain and walk on it without pain. Ok, good. This is good. That night it was a little swollen but I iced it pretty well and took some ibuprofen. I also got pampered by my friends. :) Then I woke up the next day and it looked like a tennis ball was stuck on my ankle. Gross. GROSS. No pain still but definitely HUGE. I know I should have followed the R.I.C.E. guidelines: rest, ice, compress, elevate. I did not rest it a whole lot---walking to campus will do that to you. Icing is kind of hard to do while on campus and in class. I could have been better at compression. Elevating, same thing for icing. I contemplated going to the ER but since I am very opposed to being charged ridiculous amounts of money for them to probably tell me the R.I.C.E. guidelines, and since I have been raised in a home where we "walk it off" or "suck it up," I have decided to wait. If it doesn't get better in the next few days, then I will seriously consider going to the hospital. Until then, I'll just R.I.C.E. it! It feels better today.

Fourth, BYU men's basketball first season game is tomorrow. YAY!

Fifth, next weekend my roommate Emily is getting married AND I'm a bridesmaid in the wedding! My best friends Lindsey, Dave, and Nate, and I are driving down for the event. I am SO excited. You really have no idea. It is going to be SO much fun-potentially the best roadtrip and weekend ever.

Sixth, three days after I get back from AZ, I'm going to SAN DIEGO for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with the grandparents and family. LOVE it!


Jessica said...

Gabe! How are you my friend? Just wanted to say sorry about the ankle. Sounds like it definitely isn't broken if you can put weight on it and walk w/o pain. I predict it'll be okay if you baby it a bit. Secondly, are you sure there's no marshmallow fluff in Provo? I could have sworn I've seen it at some point.

Gabrielle said...

JESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you!?!? Thank you for diagnosing my ankle. Haha I wish you were here because you would have LOVED to have seen it. It's huge and swollen and puffy! Utah has marshmallow CREME which is different than fluff. Trust me...I've looked!