Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday scribbling: adventure

Since I'm waiting for my laundry to finish up (at midnight...I need to wear a specific shirt tomorrow), I decided to finish this blog that I started a few days ago....

So tell us about adventure: have you been on one lately? Are you planning one? Do you see adventure as something you can have daily or do you save it up for a rainy day? What are your thoughts on adventure?

As a matter of fact I have had quite a splendid adventure! It's called Halloween and it's probably one of my favorite holidays. My costume this year was probably my favorite ever though. Three of my friends and I decided to originally dress up as the Planeteers from Captain Planet. If you remember the show there are actually five planeteers and since we were missing a fifth, we decided to stick with the idea but dress up as the elements rather than the Planeteers. I think it was FAAAAABULOUS!
Earth, Water, Wind, Fire

So that was one adventure. It was positively blissful! I had so much fun!

Now on to my real thoughts on adventure:
I'm about to embark on a real adventure. I'm graduating in April from college and I'm scared. For the first time, my life isn't planned. I mean, it is. I know what I want to do, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will happen (which is usually the case, except I'm usually fairly confident in what will happen. For example, I wanted to get into BYU, got in. I wanted to be a dietetics major, I got in, you what I mean?). I may or may not get the internship of my absolute dreams. I may or may not do an internship. I may or may not have to change my life's course. It's frightening and scary and sad. And yet it's also exciting. I mean I can do whatever I want!!!! I can go anywhere! That is so cool!I'm almost overwhelmed with the freedom. But there are so many "what ifs." I just don't like that. So part of this adventure will indeed be a trial of faith and patience and will include prayer and deep breathing. Lots of deep breathing. And stress balls. Good thing I only have about 5 stress balls (one is a peanut...I love it!). Eh hem...I digress....
But seriously, I'm excited. Life after college consumes my thoughts daily [which might I add, I cannot wait until this process is over. The whole consuming my thoughts and causing me to cry, panic, freak out, and cry more is really quite tiring]. Where will I go? Who will my new friends be? Where will my new favorite hang outs be? I know one thing for sure. I need to be around people. I go OUT OF MY MIND being by myself for extended periods of time. Humans were definitely made to interact. I dislike being alone. It's the extrovert in me...

I think adventures are fabulous. And I also think we have small adventures daily and, obviously, larger ones (graduating, marriage, kids, etc.) too. I'm having an adventure growing up. It's hard. I'm not always a fan. Sometimes I just want to call my mom and have her tell me everything will be ok and to give me a hug. Except there is a 2 hour difference and she's 2500 miles away. Sad day. But that's life right?

Speaking of life, I bought a book today. This one:
It's great. I highly recommend it. It's just filled with little tidbits and pieces of advice Brown originally wrote to his son when he started college. I love it. I may start a blogging adventure and blog about some of the treasures in this book!

Laundry's done!

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oldegg said...

Excellent post. It looks as though you have the right attitude for your adventurous life ahead. Good Luck.