Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ain't No Party Like A......


If there was one thing I was born to do, it's party. I love to throw parties. Love it. I love being with tons of my friends enjoying good food and drink, just having a good time. My friends Lindsey, Beca, and I threw a mocktail party last Friday. It was so fun!

The prep began about a month or so ago. Last week was one week of jittery excitement. The menu included: chocolate chip cookie dough brownie cups, chocolate covered peanut butter brownie bites, chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookie dough balls, rainbow cupcakes, peanut butter rice crispy treats, and chocolate covered peanut clusters. The drinks were (all virgin hence mocktail) strawberry margaritas, pina coladas, root beer, and jello shots (some spiked...with Monster, hehehe!).

The baking began Thursday night at 12:30amWe tried to get as much done Thursday night as we could because we knew Friday would be crazy! Little did we know how crazy.....We did get the brownie bites (3 batches of brownies) formed and the rice crispy treats (2 batches) cooked and coated with chocolate.

Friday was INSANE. Lindsey and I, thankfully, did not have class so we baked for about 7 hours.

Here are the chocolate chip cookie dough brownie cups ready to pop in the oven!
And here they are done:
And here they are ready to be eaten!
Lindsey's chocolate-covered peanut clusters
And a picture of the chocolate covered cookie dough balls and chocolate peanut butter covered brownie bites:
The rainbow cupcakes (probably my favorite because they looked SO cool):
And now for the drinks!

Some of the jello shots (which were a hit!) and which ones were spiked, I'll never tell!!!
Some of the decor:

And now for the party-goers:
The 3 Amigas/Hostesses/Sistahs/Friends

The gents: Jar-Bear, Justin, Dave, and Nate
Beca (Hostess 3 and our DJ) her brother Ryan, and sister Raquel
Lindsey and Kassie chuggin' away
Emily!!!!!!!!!!!, me and Linds
Pic of the crowdSkipper J, Albert, Linds, and Rick

Lindsey, Dayna, and Katie

More of the party-goers!

All in all, successful night. Next party: Peanut butter party. Oh baby it's gonna be fun!


Jean said...

omgosh i'm so sad i missed it :(:(:( i wanted to go so bad!!! let me know when PBPARTY is!

A-Kap said...

Yes, yes you DO know how to pah-teh gurlyfren!! I saw the pics on FB, but I liked having more descriptions here on da blog...'specially the cookie dough brownie cups -- I was just DYING to know what they were (there was no description on FB). Now that I know, it only confirms that I MUST make them....SOON. I think I gained weight -- and a serious sugar buzz -- just looking at the pictures of all those incredible yummy chocolatey delights!