Sunday, January 24, 2010

sunday scribblings: Yes

What are you saying yes to in your life? What have you said yes to that changed your life? How has yes been a part of your year so far? Do you practice yes or no? Maybe there is something you need to not say yes to. What writing comes to you from yes?

I was recently talking to my roommate (pictured below) because she seemed rather stressed out about school. She said she is a perfectionist. So am I, but I'd like to think I've detoxed my life of a need for perfectionism, at least in an academic sense. Allow me to explain.

My dearest friend Shawna should be a life coach for perfectionists. Seriously. She taught me to enjoy life. I was one of those students that would stress anally about schoolwork and how I should probably be home studying and how I should be doing this or that or the other thing. I would stress about grades and how I had and needed to do well on this quiz and that test and that assignment. Blah, blah, blah. You know those kind of people? Yes, I bet you do, especially if you live in America.
There is one line she often repeated to me and it has and always will stick with me, "10 years from now is that _____ [quiz, test, paper, assignment] really going to matter?" Well, quite honestly, in the grand scheme of things no. Is life all about grades and getting 35/35 points on a paper. I certainly hope not. What a horrid life. And so, I've learned to say yes to hanging out with friends and going to game nights and doing midnight Wendy's runs during finals week, or going sledding when I should be studying. Why? Because those are the memories I want to have with me when I graduate. And college is not solely about grades and GPAs and impressing professors. It's about memories! It's about fun, silly 1 am dance parties, Malt Shoppe shakes, youtube adventures, pillow talk, snowball fights, 12:30am baking, and the fun you have with the people that matter the most.

This is probably one of my favorite pictures ever.
I'm starting to sound ridiculous.

Let's wrap this up.

But seriously, how sad to look back at my college career and only remember those nights in the library envious of my friends out having fun. Yuck. No thank you. I chose nope. So my dear homework, you will always and forever plague my academic existence. But how often will I have that opportunity to do something fun with my friends? Only once and you better believe I'm going to take it! Ha! Take that!

So my take home message is, for goodness sakes live a little!!!! Be slightly irrational. Have some fun. DO IT!


Americanising Desi said...


oki doki!


Archna Sharma said...

You have a fun blog. It also sounds like you have found an agreeable balance between yes and no. Chill. Enjoy your college days.


Archna Sharma said...

Fun picture, Gabe! Looks like you are in red? Where do you go to school?

Thanks for reading mine!


A-Kap said...

I couldn't agree with you more completely. You got it goin' on girl!! You are SO RIGHT. I hardly remember my grades, but I sure remember the fun times I had with friends -- and it makes me smile every time...and grades can no way take the place of that....