Sunday, January 31, 2010

sunday scribblings: Milestone

Ever been to New England?

Yes it REALLY does look like this!


You should visit. Why? I'm from there so trust me, I know. Its beauty will never be justified by the written word. Your eyes will hardly be able to take it all in. And your breathing will stop to realize that such as place as stunning as this actually exists on earth. At first I wasn't really sure what to write about milestones. When I think of milestones I think of something important, something big, something that has left a lasting impact on me. I'm graduating...but heaven knows I've written enough about that! I'm 22 and that's not really that exciting, I mean it is, but you know, for milestones....not really.

One of my favorite, favorite, favorite, faaaavorite places to go on the coast

So then I thought of a milestone that meant a lot to me. I've officially spent most of my life living in New England: 12 years. I was actually born in Nevada and moved to New England when I was 10.

What's so special about New England you ask? Lots. But I won't go into everything because I could write a book about that! I'm quite certain that I was meant to be in New England.

Our beautiful, cheery yellow house
First, my family and I endured a very trying hardship shortly after our move to New England. Endured well, I think that each hardship has the potential to reap a plentiful harvest of blessings. New England, my friends, is a very fertile place. There are people who have come into both my family's and mine own life who are just blessings. Such swell people (I'm into the word "swell" today, maybe tomorrow will be jolly?). I do love New Englanders. They are a very loyal people (the Red Sox, hello! Have you ever met a people more dedicated than Red Sox fans? NO. You haven't. And try extending that loyalty to friends, whoa baby). New England breeds a fine quality of people and I love them. (Don't misunderstand, I know such a quality does certainly exist outside of New England; I'm not so naive nor am I ignorant or stuck up).

Part of our backyard; it's like my own secret garden!

Secondly, there is so much to do and see. It's almost overwhelming. Every time I go home my mom always comments about how much of New England we still have to explore. And seriously, there's a lot left to cover. I've hardly scratched the surface of Boston. I know northeastern Mass pretty well, but not nearly well enough. Hardly covered Vermont. I could go on but you get the point. SO much to do and see! Exciting! I do love adventures!

A light dusting
Thirdly, New England is just bursting with history. My house was built in 1764. We weren't even a country then!!!! And some of the towns are 100+ years older than our country. Take Portsmouth, NH for example. Settled in 1623. Yes, you read that correctly. I took a friend to Boston last summer and we were checking out the Old State House. Did you know, it is the oldest surviving public building in Boston. It was the center of politics in the colonies. THE Declaration of Independence was read from the balcony on the east side of the building. Also the Boston Massacre took place but a few feet in front of the building. FEET. I stood there. I mean seriously. How cool is that?!?!?! And going into Faneuil Hall is an experience unlike any other. Well, I've never been to D.C. but it's still incredible to think that our Founding Fathers came to Boston and here discussed and planned the foundation of our country. In a word, wow.

Fourth, New England's beauty just baffles me. My mom often describes New England as heaven on earth. I have yet to see anything that contests her statement (we're talking as a whole here; there's always some sketchy, unappealing part of any place). The colors are like eating pop rocks; your eyes and mind just pop! with incredulous amazement. Then you get this warm, fuzzy, calm, peaceful, sweet feeling (akin to actually eating the pop rocks, to continue on with our pop rocks analogy....) when you can sit outside on a summer or autumn evening and take it all in. That, my friends, is true bliss. And this is something no amount of prose will justify; you have got to experience it yourself.

Portsmouth, NH--quaint New England village that I LOVE to visit

I do hope that someday one of your milestones will be to visit New England. Trust me, you will NOT regret it!


Erica Chandler Hansen said...

I am converted. I can't believe that perfect yellow house really does exist and I know a real person who lives in it! When you move back to the east coast can I come visit you? Pretty please!?

Jean said...

oh my gosh your home looks lovely!! i actually am applying to a school in boston and a few others on the east coast... i would love to end up in new england! :)

Dee Martin said...

What a beautiful place - I am envious!