Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mon frère

Doesn't this picture ROCK? I LOVE this picture. Doesn't it look legit?!?! I LOVE IT! I'm going to get it framed. In fact, looking at it right now makes me heart swell with pride, love, and adoration for my brother Dane. He's 16 and a stud (and also #63 in the picture). We're practically twins; we look alike (minus him being a boy and I'm a girl...), like the same music and movies, and we're huuuuuuuge, HUGE, sports fans (this is where most of our bonding happens). Except, Dane is a legit athlete. I love it. You want to know what sucks about being in college miles and miles away from your family though? I NEVER get to see Dane play football or basketball. So, I've made the goal that one time before he graduates I will see one of his games. I'll even fly in for the weekend. It's been decided. I'm pumped!

I called him today just to chat and see how he is doing. It was so fun! Our conversations usually aren't too extensive, but this one was!!!! It was nice to talk to him and to see how he's maturing and how funny it is to listen to his deep voice as it cracks. Hahahahahah I love it.

I love my brother.


Nora said...

I know excactly whar you mean. I hate it as well to be so far away from my siblings.
We're like a pack and even if everybody has their own interests we a so very much alike.
I'm counting my days until I'm home (it's only 23 days now).
Hope you get to see at least one game of your brother and if so...cheer like hell for him.

this is my pack:

The Meyers said...

Lol. I saw "Nora" and was like whoa Gabe you got Dr. Ny to comment on your blog, eh?
ANYWAY, awesome picture. How fun and cute to have a little brother.