Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh HAPPY day!!!!!

At approximately 10:47am (I'm guessing here), Erinn and I were walking up the stairs from our biochem class and who do we spot?

The 6' 5", 210 pound guard/forward from Cote d'Ivoire. Yes, the man himself, Charles Abouo. And it didn't help that I did a double take and then Erinn and I both started pretty much staring at him, inconspicuously of course (yes, oxymoron intended), as we continued our walk out of the building. I wish I were an collegiate athlete. Yes, yes I do.

HELLO I love starting my mornings off like that.

But oh no, it got better: Bowling class, 1pm.

I arrive in a bit of a huff because I realize I have a lot to do this week. Upon entering the bowling alley I realize that our teacher has assigned us to groups for bowling tournament. Great, I think. I continue searching for my name and then the thought occurs: How cool would that be if Jimmer were in my group??? Nah.....

I approach a sheet of paper with my name.

And Jimmer's.

SWEEEEEEEEET!!!!!! Dream's come true. Not only did I want to graduate having taken a class with Jimmer, but once that happened, I promised I would bowl with him and I did.

I bowled with my basketball idol. DOES it get better? I profess that it does not. Well ok, I could, I don't know, actually be friends with the guy, but just float with me people.


Ashley and Kevin said...

So jealous! It will just have to suffice that I'm facebook friends with Jimmer. Love you! -Ashley

The Meyers said...

Yeah! We saw him! Not to mention the part where he turned around and looked at us while we were staring and I so obviously hurried and looked away... how embarrassing...