Monday, March 29, 2010

Library Musings

This is where I spent my Friday day and part of my Saturday. I know, it looks like castle. Gnarly huh? I can't believe I just used gnarly. Anyways, let me tell you about my adventures in the local library (which I much prefer over our school's library. Something about angry, tired, grumpy students in a dark, large, gloomy library just turns me off. Weird. I know.)

Friday: I ventured to the second floor of the library. Bright, cheery, open. Perfection. Sat myself down in an empty cubicle to begin my studies of the macrominerals, trace minerals, and ultratrace minerals.

Jealous? I know, I know.

Fascinating. Well, about 45 minutes into my studies...and about 25 minutes after I finally got into "the zone" of studying, a sketchy man came and sat right behind me. Right. Behind. Me. Oh but don't worry; it got better. The man proceeded to cough up his lung, no wait, lungs, stomach, kidneys, liver, and large and small intestines. Oh, and his gallbladder. Joy. That didn't distract me at all. Nor did it make me shudder for my health. Right.

He got up for whatever reason and I peered around my shoulder to see a pile of used tissues on the floor!!!! GAH! He is spreading his germs!!! I'm no germaphobe but I do believe in illness etiquette. Gross. I almost gagged. But I HAD to study. HAD to. So I stayed right there and focused. Got back into the zone when Mr. Hack-a-Lung came back and proceeded on with his hacking practices. Oh gosh it was painful.


I sneakily peered over my shoulder only to discover he had shoved his chair so that he was a mere 1.8576 inches from mine. AHHHHH!!!! Too close. TOO close.

Then he left again and I argued with myself about whether to leave or not. NO. STAY AND STUDY. Ok...compromise. Just make it through the macrominerals. Done and done. So he got up again and I shoved my binder and notes in my bag, eyed him coming back, and acted all casual (when in reality I was shoving my stuff in there like a mad woman).


Saturday I was a little weary but when I arrived, there were no sketchy men in sight. BUT, most of the cubicles were taken. I'm a little weary sitting next to people because, well, ya know, I want to get studying done. I'm not one of those people who goes to the library for Social Hour. But I had no choice so I sat down next to this guy who looked about my age, surfing the net and listening to some tunes. Harmless enough. It proved to be a good choice. He left me alone, didn't try to make small chat. That was until about an hour into my studies. He eyed my sprawled out notes, textbook, and then...
Guy: What are you studying?
Me: Iron and iron deficiency anemias.
*Surprised look*
Guy: What class?
Me: Nutrient biocehmistry [In my head: Hehehe...gets 'em every time. Don't I look all smart?]
*Shocked/taken aback look*
Guy: What are you studying???
Me: Dietetics and Nutrition
*Impressed look*



The Meyers said...

Bahaha, I love the "Oh, a girl studying a real major?" look. Zing! :)

Gabe said...

Haha yes indeed! Oh and my favorite part about your comment: "Zing!" Totally made my night :)