Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Letter to the Player

Remember this? It seems so long ago.....

Dear NBA Player,

The date would be September something, 2009. My friends and I giddily purchased our tickets with glee knowing that we would have to wait 6 months before the exciting display of athletic ability.

Finally March 22, 2010 arrived. Utah Jazz vs. the Boston Celtics.

Four Bostonian girls bubbled with excitement eager to see their boys from home playing some 2,000 odd miles away. A piece of home. A reminder of what we love. My first NBA game ever. Remember your first NBA game? Remember how excited you were? Now multiply that by 9430284 and that would be me. Sports. Basketball. Boston. Three passions + One girl = PURE BLISS.

We arrived around 5:30. I walked into the arena and there, behold, was Paul Pierce. THE Paul Pierce. I stopped cold in the middle of the aisle, gawked, squealed, turned to my friends and exclaimed in childish glee.

Oh but it got better. Shooting around would be Brian Scalabrine himself, Big Baby Davis, and Tyronn Lue. A mere 15 feet away from me. Tall. Very tall.

I had one goal. I grabbed my younger brother's XL "Rondo" jersey eager and determined to get it signed. To my astonishment, Rondo jogged out onto the court to warm up. Then some of the players began to leave the court and head to the locker room so of course I made a mad dash for the entrance to get their signatures. No luck with Big Baby.

Tyronn Lue...check.
Clifford Ray...check.

Then. Rondo. Walking towards the entrance. Walking away.


So you see Mr. Rondo. You may be a big shot Celtics player, but allow me to remind you of a few things. I paid good money to come see you. I waited 6 months. You may make millions and have your name splashed across ESPN, shoes, bobble-heads, and jerseys, but you only have 3 years of NBA experience. You're young. I'm disappointed in you. All I wanted was your signature. A mere 5 seconds of your time and for my little brother too.
Just remember, you would be n o t h i n g without your fans. And next game, work on your passing.


A Very Disappointed Celtics Fan.

P.S. Do you think maybe you guys could PICK UP THE INTENSITY?!!?!? LET'S GO!!!!! Red is rolling in his grave right now.

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