Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stupendous Saturday

Well first let me tell you that I have struggled this week because of Daylight Savings. It TOTALLY threw off my biological clock and I have been exhausted all week. Well really only until about Thursday. Thank you Diet Coke!

Anyways, let me tell you about yesterday but first let me tell you that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE birthdays! LOVE them! It was my friend Nathan's birthday on Monday, but we celebrated yesterday, Friday. I love to go ALL out on birthdays.

Nate when we went to AZ in November

{Pictures to come....they are on Dave's camera}
First Nathan went on a scavenger hunt. It began with him having to pop 22 balloons to find the first clue. Don't worry, every balloon had a piece of paper in it to make it ten times more difficult. Hahahaha I love to be devious too!!!

The next clue led him to campus, the WILK travel board. This clue led him to another building on campus where he had to look for a specific seat in an auditorium. Then he went back to the WILK and to get the next clue, had to eat a burrito in 1 minute, compliments of our pal Brady. Technically Nate didn't eat the burrito in 1 minute, but he did manage to shove it in his mouth in 1 minute. The pictures and videos are wicked, wicked funny!!! I can't wait to post them! Next he had to look through three bowls of jello for the next clue (which was submerged in the jello) AND he could not use his hands. This was HILARIOUS. Unfortunately (for us) he chose the right bowl of jello on the first try! Drats! Still funny. Then he went back to the WILK for yet another clue, then to the library where he had to look for a specific book, and then home. Oh gosh, this next clue was funny. Originally we were going to hide the clue in a toy boat and put it in the pool behind his apartment complex, but...couldn't find a boat so instead I bought 3 rubber ducks. So I attached the clue to one of the ducks and blank pieces of paper to the other two ducks. Muah ahahahahah! Evil, I know! So we got to the pool and the ducks were MISSING!

Don't worry, someone just took them out but I snatched them away from Nate and threw them back in the pool! HAHAHAHAHAH! Poor Nate! He had to fish them out, which was extremely amusing. Don't worry-this time he chose the wrong duck first. The final clue was a cup with nickels frozen in it and to get them he had to unfreeze them or break the ice to get the nickels and then I would give him the final clue, which led to the Nickelcade. SO fun. But before we went to the Nickelcade, we went to a delish Thai restaurant. All I have to say is, I love yellow pineapple curry! Then we went to the Nickelcade where Beca and I "gambled" half our nickels away in the name of lots of tickets! I also played a few racing games (boat and car) against the Birthday Boy and...beat him...about 5 times. And then we played air hockey and he beat me once and then I beat him. SOOOOO FUN! Then we came back and had cake. I made Nate a two layer mint chocolate chip ice cream cake. Don't worry, I still I had some tricks up my sleeve.....

I mixed a few trick candles in with regular candles on the cake, ya know, the ones that re-light themselves?!?! SOOO funny watching Nate try to put them out. Again, pictures and videos to come. I never cease to amuse myself...or others...I hope.

Then we watched 'Old Dogs' with John Travolta and Robin Williams. HILARIOUS movie.

This morning I woke up at 11:48am and LOVED it. I love to sleep in. Then Beca and I went to the mall because she needed new jeans and has been talking about it for months. Seriously. Beca bought some jeans and I suggested we pop into JCPenney because it's one of my favorite stores. GREAT idea. Let me first tell you that I LOVE colors. LOVE them. I wear every color of the rainbow and in just about every shade and hue. I love color! That being said....

I found an ADORABLE spring dress. I put it on and fell in love.
It's bright and it's me. And I got a cute cardigan to wear over it!

Then I went to the shoe section (I LOVE case you didn't know or forgot). I found these beauties...

And yes. I got them both. Why? Because they are cute, comfortable, and both match my adorable dress and my wardrobe.

And then I got these:
I really love Vans shoes. They last a long time, are wicked comfortable, and make me happy. I bought the red ones because...they are bright, springy/summery, and fun! Beca got two-tone gray ones and we are in loooooove with our shoes! WAHOO!

The best part of all my purchases: all were on SALE. Gosh I love shopping sometimes!

And now I am watching March Madness, ignoring my homework, and loving my shoes. Tonight BYU plays Kansas State!!!!!!!!!! This is the first time in 17 years BYU has made it past the first round. CAN we say ecstatic!??!? I even got my biochem professor to end class early on Thursday so we could watch the BYU-Florida game. Passionate? I think heck yes.

Also I have an INTERVIEW on Wednesday with one of my internships!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love my life. GO BYU!

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