Monday, June 7, 2010

First Day At Work

Today was my first day of work.

I spent two hours shredding paper.
TWO HOURS. I overheated 2 paper shredders and had to go into the boss's office to use his really nice paper shredder (it can shred up to 2o sheets of paper...none of this wimpy 8 or 10 sheets). I may die from paper-debris-induced emphysema. Then I went to lunch because the lady had nothing else for me to do. Oh by the way, I work at a college doing office work and yet everyone I met today said how much they had to do and how far behind they were but couldn't find anything for me to do. Joy. So I took my lunch break, came back and no one was in the office. They must have all been on their lunch breaks.


So I went to my little office--which really consists of the copy room with a desk and a computer--and surfed the net. But don't worry, before I did this I left a note of my supervisor's monitor telling her where I was and that I was ready for the next project. Don't worry that she came into the copy room 6 times (where I pretended to be studying a map of the campus...which I was but not for an hour!!!) and didn't say anything to me.

So what did I do? Surfed the net. For 2 hours. I can only read/skim the NY Times and MSN news (and sports and my entertainment/Hollywood updates) for so long people. I get SO RESTLESS. I decided to work on a nutrition handbook for all the employees. Once everyone found out I graduated in dietetics, I was asked to teach a class that conveniently was scheduled after I leave for my internship so I thought I'd make use of my time and help them out and make a little booklet of basic information for them. That got boring after another 2 hours. Finally 5pm came and I could leave.

Let's recap: paperwork/meeting and greeting, shredding paper, lunch break, surfing the net, nothing, handbook. They are paying me a lot to do nothing. What's the problem you may ask? I am not a sit-at-a-desk-and-do-nothing-for-8-hours kind of a girl. NO. NOT fun. I'm begging for them to overload me with work so the day flies by and my mind doesn't turn to mush staring at a computer screen for 8 hrs/day for 2 months.


Je.suis.Steph said...

Oh my. That sounds so painful.

Gabe said...

You have no idea!

Rachel said...

Hang in there :) Sounds like a job I had one summer... only it was picking staples out of paper at a law firm. My job now, I play on the internet at the library. Still boring, but Google Reader keeps me going! I've got dinner recipes lined up for the next 200 years.