Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gabe the Glum

I moved to a place in the middle of nowhere to work for the summer.

I hate it.

I have no friends. The only people I know are over 45. I woke up this morning and for the first time in my life couldn't think of one thing to do. The weather has been crappy here; high of 60-something, windy, overcast. There's NOTHING to do here. NOTHING. I wanted to roll over and sleep the rest of the day away but couldn't. I watched movies on TV all day, read a little, and watched an actual movie. Boring.

My new camera needs to be sent in for repair because the A/V adapter in the camera bent so I can't charge it. Not that there's anything to take pictures of anyway.

My iron sparked the other night when I went to iron my clothes, popped, and then smelled awful. Gotta get a new one. Great.

My job is a joke. I get paid to do nothing, which is nice but 8-9 hours of sitting at a computer is enough to drive me and my poor restless body insane. I know, I know, I'm very grateful for this job but I literally do nothing. And on the plus side, I've taken to working on my French, reading about Italy, and creating a recipe book. I love recipe blogs!

My mom called me today to tell me that I didn't get a grant that I applied for and I'm a tad concerned about how my internship/residency is going to be paid for. She was picking up my brother to go to a World Cup party and I'm not there to be with them. I must have cried about 6 times today.

It seems half the people I know are moving or have already moved to Boston while I'm moving farther and farther away.

I need a friend. Or my mom. Or my brothers. Or August 9th so I will be outta here, in AZ, and 10 or so months away from being an RD and having a real job with a real income.

So this post isn't completely glum, two good friends of mine finally got engaged! And I'm going back to Provo soon to visit.


Jessica said...

Where is it your living, old friend? Also, we need to get together whenever you can make it up to Provo. Just let me know!

brittany said...

pobre cita. I'm sorry that you hate it there. I can't remember when, but I remember feeling what you're describing and it is the worst.

love you, little honey.

The Meyers said...

Okay, let's think about this. What could you do in Elko to make the next two months not as miserable? Hm... how's the singles ward? What about... donating LOTS of blood/plasma (some of which could pay for the internship? Lol) Or.... kiss as many boys as you can just to say you did. What do you think? Any of these sound like good ideas? Pick up a night job doing something totally crazy that you've always wanted to do. Might be more fun than being bored at night? And get you money?