Friday, June 18, 2010


I'm happy to report that this week has been a huge turn-around from my last post.

Work is getting better. They are starting to give me some things to do. I still have A LOT of free time so I watch the World Cup (thank you ESPN3) and am really working on my French with dreams of strolling through France and exploring Italy filling my head with such glee and's wonderful.

I sent in my camera to get repaired and hopefully they'll fix it quick and get it back to me!

After I graduated, I began working with a sports dietitian--Rachel--over the college athletes on a nutrition handbook. It's taken a while to get it all together and we're SUPER close to being done. Currently Rachel is working with a design team to assemble it. I cannot wait to see the finished product!
Yesterday I got a package of information from my internship director including a study guide to fill out and study before I get there as a review. At first I was a tad annoyed, but since this is "the real deal," I quickly became grateful for the guide since re-reading Krause cover to cover isn't the most appealing way to prepare. And it'll give me something else to work on at work.

Included in this packet was a sentence that nearly made me pass-out. I have to get professional liability insurance.....with a minimum 3 million dollar aggregate coverage.


That's the only think that kept buzzing in my mind while I felt like I had hit a brick wall, had a grand piano dropped on me, and couldn't breathe. PANIC. I've never had this kind of insurance before so...well...I freaked out. And included in this packet was the price for each of my 4 new textbooks. $$$. I quickly called my mom, since she knows everything, or at least is a pro at calming me down. Needless to say, I didn't sleep very well, especially after watching Game 7 of the NBA Finals and seeing Kobe win. Curse the Lakers. But happy news don't worry! It's not that expensive at all. Thank goodness. So hooray!

Going back to Provo soon. OH HAPPY DAY!

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