Thursday, July 8, 2010

Curlers + 8 hours =

I realized I just blogged last night but I have to tell you something funny.

Last night as I was finishing up my bedtime routine, I discovered some curlers in one of the drawers in the bathroom. Lately I've been worried about my hair. You see, I have dry hair and it's curly (which apparently makes it even more susceptible to dryness) and I like to curl it or straighten it so basically my hair takes a lot of heat (.....hahaha....bad pun, sorry) and it gets damaged pretty easily. I also live in a dry climate, which doesn't exactly help and I'm not really a fan of spending tons of money on all of these hair treatments. Anyway, so I thought to myself, I'll just put curlers in my hair and sleep on them like I did when I was a kid. I used those pink foam curlers, remember those?
So I put the curlers in my wet hair, but wasn't convinced they'd really work because my hair takes a long time to dry (it's thick) but I thought whatever. Well I woke up this morning and took out the curlers and my hair, NO JOKE, looked like this:

Shirley Temple.

I kid you not. That actually was my expression minus the soda. The curlers worked wonderfully. Too wonderfully. My hair was curled up to my earlobes!!! Now I know what people with super, super, super curly hair feel like. I didn't know what to do with this "fro" I had created. No worries, with a bunch of bobby-pins I just pinned all the curls up and it looks pretty cool.


Jessica & Thomas said...

haha, good times. I remember my mom trying those pink curlers on my hair and it STILL didn't curl!

P.S. Gabe, when are you going to come visit Provo? We need to do lunch/dinner or something.

heidi said...

Hey I'm glad you've been following our adventures! We love this place! So much fun! I understand your hair problems. I'm wishing for dryness again, this humidity is killing any chances of good hair days!
PS. the sox hat was not my idea. I'm a loyal Angels fan and finally gave in to him wanting one of those Boston hats! :)