Friday, July 23, 2010


Sometimes I get really jealous. Jealous because my friends get to live in Bahston and go to all the places I have been or want to go to. They get to live IN the city.

I'm jealous. Tucson better be freak-ing amazing because I really love Boston. You don't even know.

Aside from my pals livin' it up in the land of baked beans, Red Sox, Celtics, and all things wonderful, here are are two of my newest favorite blogs to read. These couples both live in New York City and I love it.
Read this one

and then read this one <---I LOVE this one because this girl is fuh-ny! Also I think she is gorg (read: gorgeous), she shortens her words like my mom and I do (i.e. delish (which has become quite popular lately), redic, etc.), and I think she and her husband are a beaUtiful couple. Also their daughter is so cute and their story with her is inspiring.

Happy Friday! After work I'm off to look for suits for my internship. Gotta look fab and professional ya know?


Erin said...

Gabrielle! (And you KNOW how I'm pronouncing your name), are you really moving to Tucson?? I need deets!!!! Miss you beautiful!!!

emily said...

gabe, you will have so much fun in AZ... trust me :) I misee you