Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do you ever....

Do you ever, in the exhausting heat of summer, start to crave fall and winter?

I do.

I start to imagine the spicy, woody smells of fall. The colors of the leaves. I think I may always have to buy some school supplies and a new outfit because that's always what happens in the fall.

Then I start to dream of snow and curling up to watch a good movie while it's snowy and howling outside, bitter cold. And I start to crave delicious hot chocolate, fireplaces, warm mittens, scarves, and snowmen.

Do you ever?


The Meyers said...

Not long ago you were whining and whining about all the rain and cold in Provo.... in fact, was that less than six weeks ago maybe? ;)

Gabe said...

Yes I was. And that's because that was the inappropriate weather for the season! I just like my seasons...with the appropriate weather. I mean everyone starts dreaming of summer in January, right? I get excited for my next season.